Daily Crunch: Fintech start-up Jeeves secures $500M valuation After $57M Series B

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Welcome to Daily Crunch, September 3, 2021. Today’s newsletter will be a little different from the usual, as TechCrunch is most likely off today.

Let’s talk about early-stage startups. TechCrunch spent a lot of time this week cataloging Y Combinator’s marathon demonstration day. Our notes covered all the presentations on day one and two. In case you don’t want the whole download, we also pulled your favorites in two batches.

This is not the end. But that’s not all. We also looked into the trending topics and hopped onto Twitter Spaces to discuss what we saw.

Let’s leave all that behind and let us take a second to spotlight some of the great work from TechCrunch new reporters.

Disrupt will be back. So make sure that you have a ticket. As it’s a virtual event they are cheaper than they have been in years past, despite the event having perhaps its strongest content lineup ever. We’re excited!

Let’s get to sleep. It’s been a busy week, both in the startup world and here in America. I’ll be taking all next week off, but I will leave the Daily Crunch in the very capable hands of one Greg Kumparak. — Alex

To drive better startup growth, use cohort analysis

Startups that want to understand customers’ behavior better can use cohort analysis. However, many companies in the early stages of their development let this go.

Most startups group users in “buckets”, but a robust cohort analysis uncovers trends that can be exploited by young companies.

Hire a top marketing professional or consultant immediately to begin this important work. Jonathan Metrick is chief growth officer of Sagard & Portage Ventures and shares a detail example of the benefits of such analysis.

If you have questions after reading this comprehensive step-by-step, please join us for a Twitter Spaces chat with Metrick on Tuesday, September 7, at 3 p.m. PDT/6 p.m. EDT. For details and a reminder, follow @TechCrunch on Twitter.

Extra Crunch (our membership program that helps entrepreneurs and startups get ahead) can be signed up here. You can sign up here.

TechCrunch Experts: Growth Marketing

Image Credits: SEAN GLADWELL (opens in a new window) / Getty Images

TechCrunch is committed to helping startups identify the best expert for them. We’re creating a list of top growth marketing professionals to help us do that. Since our survey was launched, we have received many great suggestions for growth marketing professionals in the startup sector.

As more replies come in, we’re eager to see them! Fill out the survey here.

The Community

Image Credits: Jonathan Metrick

Join Danny Crichton and Mary Ann Azevedo Tuesday, September 7, at 3 p.m. PDT/6 p.m. EDT on Twitter Spaces as they talk with Jonathan Metrick about fintech and growth marketing.

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