Five Easy Steps to Turn Your Self-Doubt into Success

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It is back. It’s a wonderful feeling.

Now is the time to take control of your chances and make a choice.

It slowly enters your brain, much like a creepy crawly spider from a horror movie, and gradually takes control of it.

It is controlling.

It’s debilitating.

Self-doubt is the root cause.

The unpleasant emotion of self-doubt can lead to indecision and spiraling. It can eventually lead to more serious problems such as anxiety or depression.

You don’t need to allow that to happen.

It is possible to control how you talk about yourself and take confident actions. It is possible to think positively about yourself and not compare yourself with others.

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Why is self-doubt so common?

It is important to recognize that self-doubt can be healthy before we tackle the root causes. Self-doubt can be used to push ourselves and question whether something is for us. Self-doubt can be used to relate better to other people, particularly if you are overly confident.

Chronic self-doubt, on the other hand is sneaky. When you aren’t paying close attention, it can sneak in and create a web full of half-truths and lies that gets in your way of success. This eventually leads to a loss of confidence in your abilities and in the ability to make confident decisions. The future feels unknown and frightening.

Alan Watts (the late British philosopher) said that we feel self-doubt when making decisions. It is easy to worry about variables that are beyond our control. Sometimes we take matters too personally, or see ourselves in the light of others. This can lead to us ignoring our good qualities.

We spiral into believing that we lack the skills and talent to succeed in certain positions or jobs. We begin to see minor failures as major failures, or what we consider failures in others’ eyes. This makes us even more unworthy. It continues weaving its web.

People say that I am not competent enough or smart enough to do what you ask. You will not be able to say until you get there.

This mindset will ensure that you don’t. This self-fulfilling prophecy doesn’t have to be your only goal. Fill your mind with the words “I can”, “I am”, and “I will.”

Vincent van Gogh stated, “If you feel a voice in your head saying “you can’t paint,” then paint. That voice will soon be silenced.”

Clarity is the opposite of self-doubt.

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The more you practice, your mind will become better-trained. These are the five best ways to defeat self-doubt.

1. Pay attention to your chatter

Pay attention to the inner doubts and negative thoughts that you create. It will start to chatter and spin out of control if it does.


If you are alone, say “Stop” in your head. You are wrong. No.

Pay attention to the words and phrases you use to doubt your capabilities. These thoughts and phrases will disappear from your mind’s eye.

Another option is to use the bracelet method and change your wrists whenever you have a negative thought.

You don’t have to be aware of your negative thoughts. There are no consequences. This will cause you to disrupt the negative thinking pattern and stop it from continuing.

2. 2. Write your thoughts down, even the frightening stuff

Making a list all of your fears can be a simple way to feel more confident. The vague notion of what could happen is the basis for fear. It takes away their power when you are very specific about what you fear. People who aren’t able to express their emotions often find this helpful.

Writing helps you to clear your thoughts and organize your emotions. You can see which are real and within your reach and which are not. This will allow you to observe how outlandish your thinking can be if it isn’t controlled.

3. Mirror affirmations

As the old saying goes, you are your worst enemy. Do not fall for this trap. Instead, get up in front of the mirror and look in your eyes. Repeat your favourite affirmation.

This should be done every day.

You will live your whole life.

You can laugh at yourself initially. Relax, breathe slowly and take a few deep breaths. Then, talk with your reflection. After you are done, take deep breaths and allow only positive thoughts to fill your head for a few more minutes.

People who are confident look directly into the eyes of others. It is an indicator that you trust yourself and are confident in your abilities.

4. Social media is over

We tend to be compared to other people on social media so we can choose not to use social media on specific days. It’s like you are recharging your confidence battery.

Social media is a part of most jobs. Keep your attention on your job and not your personal social accounts. You can access too many apps, so be confident and remove them from your device.

You can find both negative and positive stories on social media. Do you think it’s worth risking your self-esteem? Are you able to use it positively or negatively?

If it’s detracting, ditch it.

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5. Maintain a success diary

Think back to a time you were successful. Consider how that made you feel. It’s time to write it down. Write freely, without worrying about spelling or grammar. Use descriptive words to communicate your emotions: who you were with, where you were, and what year.

You’ll be able to bring back the feeling of success by bringing more. Don’t be discouraged if you forget some details.

It is important to keep a record of your successes.

Keep a list of positive, influential actions you have taken. It doesn’t matter if you just get your children to school on schedule every week for a week or if you finish a course that inspired you to start a business.

You will begin to see how small victories add up. These small successes are just as worthy of attention as big ones.

Self-doubt is something we all experience. This is part of human nature. It doesn’t need to ruin your life.

You’ll be able to reduce your self-doubt and learn to trust yourself. These five strategies will help you to become more in control of your thoughts and get rid of the uncertainty.

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