"More trusting": Should you purchase an electric vehicle? What to look for?
Get an electric vehicle for as little as $99

“More trusting”: Should you purchase an electric vehicle? What to look for? Get an electric vehicle for as little as $99

"More trusting": Should you purchase an electric vehicle? What to look for?
Get an electric vehicle for as little as $99

The UK saw record-breaking sales of electric cars last year, with nearly 59,945 vehicles registered in the country. December was a record month for EVs, as almost 5500 electric cars were registered during the final month. This equates to a 3.8% share of UK’s overall market.

The popularity of the brand is increasing in tandem with the forthcoming ban by the Government on new diesel and petrol cars.

Many drivers believe that electric cars will be the future of transportation, but there is still concern about their current condition.

Last year, the UK’s used-car market was slightly lower than it had been in 12 months. The difference was 2.1 percent.

One exception was hybrids, plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles.

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Mike Hawes was the Chief Executive of Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. He spoke about the progress.

He stated that it was encouraging to see used car buyers buying low-emission cars as the supply increases. However, those sales are still low relative to overall market share.

We still require the Government’s right policies and incentives to make it easy for new buyers to select the most efficient petrol, diesel, and electric cars that meet their requirements. This will allow more people to benefit from the exciting technology that is coming down the used car market over the next few years.

Motorparks is a Ford used dealer that examined the market for used cars to determine if it would be worth the effort to purchase an EV secondhand.

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While new cars remain popular due to the constant improvements in safety and technology, around 20% of their value are lost as soon as they leave the forecourt.

Nearly three cars have been sold for every vehicle purchased in the UK.

A second-hand vehicle can have many benefits. For example, factory warranties last longer than ever before. This makes a car more appealing.

Impatient drivers will be able to buy a used car that they can drive straight from the garage.

“Many of the reasons for going down this route are the same as buying new, including the positive impact these vehicles have on the environment compared to petrol and diesel cars.

The main stumblingblock for quarters that resisted buying a used EV was the high price.

Experts claim an electric vehicle’s battery packs won’t require replacement for 10 to 20 years. They can travel approximately 150,000 miles.

“Obviously, alongside representing good value and high durability, the zero emissions is a huge benefit to buying an electric car — both new or used.

“With a rise in new electric vehicle sales, we will undoubtedly also see an increase in used sales in the run-up to the ban on new petrol and diesel models.”

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