Mum says it’s easier to travel abroad than home because her four children are there. Covid caravan park vacation

An anonymous mum took her 14 year-old daughter and three friends to Sand Le Mere in East Yorkshire, with her child. The 46-year old parent, however, called the trip “holiday of hell”. She believes that Brits should travel abroad even though the pandemic is not over.

Hull Live was told by her: “We had cancelled a lot of holidays in the past year, so we were looking to have some fun. But it should be safe. This was the worst holiday ever. It would have been much safer to travel abroad, I believe.

They didn’t clean the pool and it was filthy.

What was the child doing when they went down the slide? They would have to clean the water slide after each use. “They didn’t clean the water slides.”

All four of the children tested positive for coronavirus during their stay. The mother has made a vow to not return to Sand Le Mere (a Park Holidays resort) again.

According to her, there were only minimal Covid safety measures in place.

The tourist from East Hull added that there was one rule: you needed to reserve slots at the pool in order to limit numbers, but the place was very busy.”

“I wouldn’t go back. You couldn’t pay for me to go again.” It is not something I recommend.

The children enjoyed swimming in the pool, but I did not go in. The pool was where they spent the majority of their day, about two hours per day.

After the horrible trip, we returned to our hotel and did a lateral flow test. I was negative while all the children were positive. They could easily have gotten it in the changing room/pool area.

My daughter started coughing, and it was obvious to me. “I wouldn’t return to my daughter. People need to be careful. We trust that they will have safety rules when booking these spaces.

To inform the staff about the positive outcomes of their visit, the mother called the caravan park.

The lady continued, “I was told that I’d pass the information to the manager.” They didn’t have any way to get back in touch with us because the lady did not even ask for my name.

The caravan that I was staying in was not public, but it was evident we spent lots of time at the village’s amenities.

You would hope that they’d do a complete clean and notify me and my customers. But they didn’t.

Sand Le Mere has a website that explains how to rebook your holiday in case of coronavirus. However, it lacks details about the specific rules for each holiday park.

The policy states that you must notify us by noon on the day you arrive to let us know if you have Covid symptoms. After this time, we are unable or able to amend bookings.

Please let us know if you, or any member of your group, have been instructed to self-isolate or are suffering from Covid-19 symptoms. was informed by a Sand Le Mere spokesperson: “We are sorry about the customer whose children tested positive for Covid after returning from vacation. Park Holidays UK is very serious about protecting guests and employees. We comply with all guidelines set out by the government and Department of Health on minimizing Covid transmission risk.

We continue to post QR codes from NHS around the properties, which customers are encouraged to scan. “Outside of our safety precautions in place at our parks and providing safety advice to customers,” said Mr. While there are no legal requirements for companies to keep customer information or to provide QR codes to customers, they can be used to help trace the contacts of those who have been infected.

According to government regulations, businesses are not required by law to notify the public about incidents of Covid Disease that occur at their facilities.

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