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Do you want to send your heart racing and get your spine moving? Maybe you need something spooky as an excuse to cuddle up closer to your crush? Perhaps you just want to challenge your mettle by watching some incredibly creepy movies. Paramount+ offers a wide selection of scary movies that are perfect for your night out.

We’ve compiled the top horror movies from a variety of genres. We have what you need, whether you are looking for sinister slashers or creepy creatures, terrifying monsters, contemporary hits or classics with stars such as Vincent Price and Bela Lougosi.

These are the top 10 scary movies currently available on Paramount+.

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With this 2018 horror hit, John Krasinski transformed from an actor into a celebrated horror director. The Office stars opposite Emily Blunt. He plays the role of a farmer who is dedicated to protecting his family against sound-hunting killers. Because of this clever concept, the characters in The Office can’t shout because it would be their last. This means that your terror sounds are weaponized as you watch, and crashing into the silence soundscape of tension.

A Quiet Place delivers a terrifying thrill ride. It is extremely fast and well-paced. Its most notable features are Krasinski and Blunt’s touching performances, as well as Noah Jupe and Millicent Simmonds, their children. They make an entertaining feature for the whole family that is perfect for quiet nights at home. You can also get the scary sequel A Quiet Place: Part II if you want to make it double-feature.

You can watch A Quiet Place on Paramount+

2. Night of the Living Dead

The George A. Romero classic defined the zombie genre for generations.
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Paramount+ has a wide selection of zombie films, including Bela Lugosi’s White Zombie and the hilariously schlocky Overlord. There’s even a studio-made epic World War Z. George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead is the most popular.

The 1968 independent film “Zombie Horror” was a landmark in the genre. The slow-moving undead, who have a fervent hunger for human flesh, were brought to life by eerie performances and gruesome practical effects makeup that became a disturbing requirement. In this terrifying film, a group of people from different backgrounds tries to flee the clutches cannibalistic reanimated bodies.

It was shot in black and white with heightened performance. The scares are still relevant today.

You can watch Night of the Living Dead on Paramount+

Rose Glass, the writer/helmer of this film about psychological terror and violence in 2020 made her directorial debut. Maud, a young and devoted nurse from a poor seaside community is found. Maud is hired to care for Amanda, the dying artist, in a hospice. She develops an intense fascination with her patients’ lusts for life, alcohol, and Sapphic sexual sex.

The volatile relationship between them is full of conflict and temptation, which Maud ignites in her pursuit to save Amanda. As Maud sees the world through her eyes, visual effects and sound design create a battle of wills. Saint Maud, punctuated by goosebump-pumping violence and wrapped in sophisticated color palettes of warmth and decay, is a unique intoxicating, unnerving experience that will leave you stunned.

Saint Maud streaming via Paramount+

4. __S.45__

The rise of horror was a result of Hollywood’s Golden Age’s glamor stars. Shelley Winters, Bette Davis and Joan Crawford were stars who embraced their older age, as well as their bravery to portray tragically flawed antiheroines whose lives were tainted by terror.

Curtis Harrington’s freaky, yet joyful example stars Winters as an eccentric, wealthy widow who hosts orphans in her home for Christmas. When two siblings discover that Auntie Roo may not be what they think, things take a horrifying Hansel & Gretel twist. Whoever Slew Auntie Roo has it all: creepy children, holiday horrors, and fractured fairy tales. It all has a Technicolor flair.

What to Watch: Whoever Slew Auntie Roo! Paramount+ streaming available

5. __S.55__

This quirky masterpiece features two iconic horror legends. Roger Corman, an American pioneer in independent cinema, was responsible for countless low-budget horror films that were incredibly entertaining. Dick Miller, a leading character actor, was featured in many popular films such as Gremlins and Piranha. Miller, a busboy with a dream to be able to join the hip-beatnik scene, was the main character in this 1959 film collaboration.

Unfortunately, none of his fellow artists, poets or dames who love him will be able to give him the time of their day. Then, he is accidentally killed by a cat. A Bucket Of Blood, though it is filled with grisly elements and satires of the 1950s art scene, remains at its core. It’s adorned with a wicked sense of humor, which makes it devilishly funny.

You can watch A Bucket of Blood on Paramount+

6. __S.66__

Do you want a creepy creature? Frank Marshall’s 1990 smash features a spider that weaves a web in a small American town. Jeff Daniels plays the role of the town’s new doctor, who believes that an eight-legged assassin may be responsible for several grisly deaths. A variety of characters give him support, including John Goodman’s arrogant exterminator. There’s no way to deny that spiders are infested when they start crawling through showers and popcorn bowls.

Arachnophobia has squicky fears, but also a funny sense of humor. It was praised by critics as an amusing tribute to the B-movies that were made in the atomic age. When swarms upon swarms fanged spiders can be just as scary, why would you need giant radioactive insects?

Paramount+: How to Watch: Arachnophobia is available on Paramount+

7. __S.76__

The slasher genre has been closely linked to true crime since Alfred Hitchcock’s classic Psycho. The 1976 cult favorite, featuring a hooded serial murderer, is inspired by the infamous and still unsolved Texarkana Moonlight Murders. The Phantom Killer terrorized the Arkansas teens, murdering and maiming them. He was first seen in 1946. Director Charles B. Director Charles B.

The film has a chilling quality that adds an air of authenticity. The film was shot in Texarkana and featured local actors in smaller roles. A sombre narrator, Vern Stierman, guided the audience through the horror as if he were a documentary. You’ll get a sense of what lies ahead when the sun sets on Unsolved Mystery.

You can watch The Town That Dreaded Sundown on Paramount+

This 2019 version of Stephen King’s classic is more reimagining than remake, but what a wild ride it is.
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Stephen King is long considered the King of Horror Novels. The Pet Sematary book was so terrifying that it has been twice adapted for the big screen. While the original was released in 1989, this version of 2019 is more of a remake than a new interpretation. Directors Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kolsch take unexpected turns instead of repeating the horrors of the original. They keep it fresh, frightening and deliciously gory!

Jason Clarke stars as a couple who are happy to relocate their children from a bustling city to a small town in Maine. Amy Seimetz is the star. They are friendly and oddly kind. (Schreibe to John Lithgow, perfectly morose. Although their house looks beautiful, its surroundings are full of dangerous temptations and dangers. This is when the nightmare that this family has been living in becomes a reality. Things get more insane and worsen.

You can watch Pet Sematary on Paramount+

9. __S.104__

Folk horror is a disturbing genre that can be enjoyed if you enjoy the bizarre delights of films like The Wicker Man and Midsommar. Paramount+ has two of the most important films of this subgenre: 1971’s The Blood On Satan’s Claw, and 1970’s Cry of the Banshee. These are both British productions, which tell spooky stories of supernaturality and superstition. However, only the former has Vincent Price as horror icon.

The mesmerizing star, with her piercing stare and sinisterly syrupy voice, plays the role of a brutal witch hunter who unleashes devilish revenge upon his family. This Elizabethan-era tale is filled with vivid red blood and features dark magic, violence (both physical and mental), madness, theatrical declarations (and damnations), as well as nudity, madness, and even murder.

You can watch Cry of the Banshee on Paramount+

10. __S.112__

Bela Lugosi, one of the first horror film legends, was a star in classics like Dracula and The Black Cat. This twisted tale about marital strife, and murder is less well-known but still quite exciting.

The 1941 masterpiece by Joseph H. Lewis begins with an unusual dinner where Dr. Charles Kessler, Lugosi, toasts an invisble guest. It is his missing wife, who disappeared years ago. She still occasionally appears to the mysterious doctor, often driving him to commit heinous acts of violence. His worried daughter and her mysterious fiancé play detective, or die trying, while Kessler terrorizes the audience with both his murder and Lugosi’s bone-rattling intensity and disturbing gaze.

Invisible Ghost has a dark and gothic feel with a frightening finale.

Paramount+: Invisible Ghost streaming.

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