Piers Morgan seen behind ITV boss to confirm rumours There is much buzz about his return at GMB

Piers Morgan is rumored to be returning to Good Morning Britain after his Ofcom decision earlier in the week. The broadcaster was pictured sitting beside his ex-ITV boss Kevin Lygo at the cricket.

Piers watched test cricket again today, as he was at day two of Day 4 at the Kia Oval.

Piers was actually pictured with it, and this is what’s likely to make some people’s tongues turn.

Former GMB host was just behind ITV director of Television Kevin.

Piers was speaking to Piers, and the pair did not seem to chat in snaps.

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Piers left the Morning News Show after he made the comments. He said that he didn’t apologize in the Daily Mail piece.

Ofcom ruled that Piers comments had been “potentially damaging and offensive” on Wednesday.

They were allowed because any restriction of such views could lead to a “chilling restriction in freedom of expression.”

Piers teased his return to GMB and reacted on Twitter.

He wrote: “I’m thrilled OFCOM has endorsed me right to doubt the Duke & Duchess’s incendiary claim to OprahWinfrey. Many of these have been proven untrue.”

“This is an overwhelming victory for freedom speech, and a crushing defeat for Princess Pinocchios. Can I have my job back?”

Later in the week ITV stated that Piers will not be returning to the show.

They stated that they have no plans at the moment to invite him to Good Morning Britain.

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