Piers Morgan’s wife said that there is no way they’ll stop moving. bumping into Harry or Meghan

Journalist and author Celia Walden, 45, has revealed that “there’s no way” herself and her former Good Morning Britain presenter husband Piers Morgan, 56, will stop visiting Los Angeles in case they run into the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Celia Walden, mother of one, shared her love for restaurants with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. However, she said that although there are high odds that they will run into each other, she is not going to delay returning home to Hollywood.

This comes as Piers and the couple have been quite outspoken in disbelieving their statements to Oprah Winfrey.

The star admitted that she is looking forward to visiting LA and said how Harry and Meghan would not prevent her from returning.

She stated: “I thought there would be a moment where Harry and Meghan walk into a dining room and they will both be there. Because I keep seeing photos of them at the places we love…

She told The Telegraph, “But we can’t stop going,”

Celia, her husband and newspaper editor share a stunning Hollywood home that is worth an estimated PS4.2 million.

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According to reports, the property will have five bedrooms and the same amount of bathrooms. It also boasts a spectacular outdoor pool, home gym, indoor bar, and an incredible indoor swimming pool.

Piers shared his last snaps in February from his Hollywood home.

The outspoken media personality, who was laying poolside at the time, soaked in the sun while he read the newspaper.

Also, he shared another picture of Elise in his suit with him. The caption to the photo was: “One of Us Didn’t Get the WeHo Fashion memo.”

Piers made his statement two days after Ofcom determined that he hadn’t violated the code by making comments about Meghan in response to her March interview with Oprah.

Piers was cleared despite Piers receiving 58,000 complaints earlier in the year.

He didn’t hesitate to take to social media immediately after hearing about the “victory”.

Piers, who has 7.9 million followers wrote, “I’m thrilled OFCOM has endorsed me to disbelieve Duke & Duchess of Sussex’s incendiary claim to OprahWinfrey. Many of these claims have been proven untrue.”

“This is both a victory for freedom of speech and defeat for Princess Pinocchios.

“Do you think I can get my job back?” He laughed at the end.

Many social media users were critical of Piers’ comments on Meghan despite his “resounding win”.


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One said: Piers – You received an unprecedented 58,000 complaints about your actions.

This is a victory for your behavior. Most workplaces will result in a dismissal if there are more than two complaints. They added that freedom of speech would not be considered …”.

One wrote, “You appear to have misunderstood the outcome. They understood it to be an unacceptable response, but they still feel savage. They will not agree with you at any point.

A third person commented: “Having the right to disbelieve someone’s claim that they are suicidal does not make it the right thing.

Unhelpful remarks from others can exacerbate mental health issues. You had the responsibility of taking more care as a speaker with large audiences.

Celia, who was at her husband’s side during the feud between Meghan and him, has offered support to him ever since.

Celia explained that Celia is becoming more royalist and said, “The Queen has just been so incredible recently.

“And for this immature girl Meghan to behave so crassly and vulgar

Celia, despite agreeing to her husband’s statement, said that she was not prepared for the backlash. However, I didn’t anticipate this.

Star admitted that she received threats of death from Harry and Meghan supporters. This prompted police to place a panic alarm in the star’s London home.

She said: “Proper Death Threats, Like, We’re Going to Come and Find You,” she stated to the above publication.

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