Potion Craft is the surprising hit at the Steam Festivals. This month’s launch


Steam Next Fest’s Game Festivals, also known as Steam Next Fest or Steam Game Festivals have been a great way to try out upcoming PC games. After extensive community playtests and testing, Potion Craft: Alchemy Simulator was one of the most popular games. It will launch this month.

Potion Craft is available for Steam Early Access starting September 21. Although there is no price information yet, the Early Access version of Potion Craft will likely be less expensive than its final release. Over time, the developers plan to add new potion effects and recipes to the game, along with expansions for managing your shop or maintaining your garden.

If you’ve not played the demo, you throw together your potion ingredients and track their effects on a map – grinding one ingredient will take you in a zigzag pattern to the right, where another might give you a long loop upward. Although it’s not easy to explain, it is very simple in practice. It also allows you to explore new effects and avoid making mistakes.

Below is a trailer that gives a general overview.

YouTube Thumbnail

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Publited Sat, 4 Sep 2021 at 00:24.02 +0000


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