REVIEW: When Darkness Falls REVIEW – A terrifying supernatural thriller

John Blondel (Will Barton), a Guernsey-based paranormal researcher, is trying to capture his weekly Vlog. Also, it’s a ghost hunter.

Alex Phelps, The Speaker, arrives on the scene, wet from the rain. His pale, unnatural figure suggests that he may be more than what he appears.

He tells his curious Blondel five ghost stories after exchanging snarky banter.

This simple device refers to the classic trope of ghost stories, which dates back to MR James. It is in this manner that the play is performed.

These effects, including lightning, flashing lights, sudden appearances of torchlight and books falling off shelves, are all well-known, but executed with delicacy.

The atmosphere is well maintained and there is a steadily accumulating sense of unease.

It is an excellent addition to the genre of ectoplasm, which is almost as insubstantial and insubstantial, given the few supernatural plays that have been written since Shakespeare and Jacobeans — The Ghost Train and Blithe Spirit, Ghost Story and Darker Shores, and The Woman in Black. __S.9__

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