Rivian’s R1T electric pickup truck and R1S SUV are available for purchase official EPA ranges

Rivian has announced that its first edition R1T pickup truck, an all-electric model of the R1T SUV, had an official EPA range (314 miles), while Rivian’s R1T SUV is a bit higher (316 miles).

The official range and fuel economy values have been posted on the U.S. EPA website. Rivian has previously stated that the official figures correspond to 300 mile estimates.

Although the EPA estimates don’t take into account different driving styles and driving habits, it is enough for customers looking for an electric car to have a reliable benchmark.

Rivian is the pioneer of electric trucks on the market. Ford’s F-150 Lightning has an expected range of up to 230 miles for the standard version and 300 for the extended model. Official ranges have not been released by the EPA for Ford Lightning.

Rivian’s R1T truck, and R1S SUV are equipped with 135-kWh batteries. This is known as the “larger pack.” Delivery of these vehicles will begin in the month.

Both the R1T- and R1S models will come in two trims. They both have the 135-kWh-pack sizes. Premium interiors are available in the Adventure version of R1T. It starts at $73,000 R1T Explore starts at $67,000.

The Adventure trim of the R1S SUV is priced at $75,500. While the Explore package starts at $70,000, the base price for the Explore package is $75,000

Rivian plans to start deliveries of Adventure and Explore packages by January 2022.

Rivian plans to make a larger pack for the R1T, called the “Max Pack”. The R1T’s range will increase to 400 miles with the larger pack, which costs another $10,000. The EPA does not have an official range for either the max pack, or any other editions. This includes a smaller option battery pack.

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