Spain: Get Covid insurance for free! Which region is eligible?

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Although summer may be over, many Britons have fled for sun abroad. While one destination might be a good choice, Spain is currently listed on the Government’s Amber List due to the high number of coronavirus infections. Many are nervous about visiting Spain. Some regions in Spain are offering free insurance to tourists who get COVID-19 while on holiday in a bid to entice holidaymakers to go. The complete list is here.

Anyone considering visiting Spain, or someone who is currently enjoying the Spanish sun, must self-isolate in their accommodation.

Tourists should then call the local health authority and ask for advice. Based on the evaluation of their symptoms they will determine if the individual in question needs to undergo a COVID-19 testing.

They will be quarantined if the results are positive at their hotel or elsewhere.

Hotels have created self-isolation rooms in hotels for visitors to the Valencia region who are COVID-19 positive.

Regional authorities can fine anyone found violating the self-isolation time limit with a EUR30,000 penalty.

These quarantine periods usually last for 10 days and are typically paid by tourists.

However, there are regions which have considered how uncertainty in tourism and travel might discourage tourists from traveling abroad. They have decided to act.

Andalusia is the region that has signed agreements with private insurance companies in order to offer travel insurance for tourists suffering from COVID-19.

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Spain: Free insurance to tourists who get Covid – find out which region qualifies (Image: GETTY)

What is the coverage for each area?


Andalusia is the region that has signed agreements with private insurance companies in order to offer travel insurance for tourists suffering from COVID-19.

They don’t provide this benefit for residents or Spanish citizens, unlike the other areas.

What expenses Andalusia covers? They are: medical, surgical, and hospitalization in case of COVID-19.

This includes any transport or repatriation costs, and a stay in Andalusia during a quarantine period for up to 15 days with a limit of EUR5,000.

Andalusia will cover medical and surgical expenses and include hospitalisation (Image: GETTY)

Canary Islands

The Canary archipelago offers free travel insurance for tourists since the summer 2020 through AXA.

The Canary resident is also covered for healthcare and lodging expenses when they visit or travel to the Canary Islands.

Insurance begins if a visitor is positive for COVID-19 during their stay in tourist accommodation on islands.

While the Canary authorities are yet to announce when their free insurance will be ending, they have extended their AXA contract in August 2021.


The northwestern Spanish region has been offering free travel insurance through Europ Assistance for COVID-19-insured visitors to the region since June. This is to offer “peace and tranquility” to both tourists and Camino de Santiago pilgrims visiting the area.

All tourists who are not residents of Galicia and stay in tourist accommodations will receive free health insurance.

Galicia assumes the cost of health, lodging, or transport costs for a COVID-19-infected traveller.

The costs they cover range from EUR500 up to EUR15,000 for repatriation.

Galician authorities ask tourist who have been to high Covid areas within the last 14 days to register on their regional database.

Galicia is offering insurance to “offer tranquillity to tourists” (Image: GETTY)


Since July 1, the southeastern coastal region of Murcia has had COVID-19 insurance in place for tourists through RACE Seguros, covering the expenses derived from healthcare, travel and any extension of their stay due to self-isolation.

The rule applies to all national and international tourists.

This page has more details.

Spain is hot! (Image: EXPRESS)

If your Spanish region doesn’t offer free COVID-19 coverage, you should know that Spanish Government website says that they provide emergency care services in hospitals and other healthcare facilities in all circumstances.

To be fully covered, you should have personal travel insurance for anyone who is visiting Murcia, Galicia, Galearic Islands or the Canary Islands.

Notably, national tourist in Spain can return home to their country homes to be self-isolated as long as it is done in private transport and they avoid any contact with other tourists.

How do you return from Spain?

According to the Government’s Amber List Rules, COVID-19 testing must be completed three days prior to returning home from England.

For those fully vaccinated individuals, a second COVID-19 testing must be completed upon arrival in England.

Anyone who has not been vaccinated must be quarantined at home for 10 days upon arrival to England.

A COVID-19 Test must then be completed on day one, day two or day eight.

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