The Game Director is trying to regain the rights to Lost PlayStation Exclusive

The Tomorrow Children was shut down not long after its release in 2016 but, five years later, director Dylan Cuthbert is trying to regain the rights to the lost PlayStation exclusive in the hopes of a re-release.

The Tomorrow Children is a Soviet-inflected multiplayer experience that Cuthbert has compared to the likes of Animal Crossing and Death Stranding – it received a mixed reception upon launch but built up a cult following. It was closed down completely by Q-Games a year following its release due to server costs. The game’s online-only nature has made it virtually unplayable ever since.

In an IGN Japan video to celebrate the game’s 5th anniversary, Cuthbert played through a developer build of the game, and responded to requests from fans for the game to be re-released – something he likes the idea of, in theory:

Unfortunately, the IP currently belongs to Sony. Therefore, I will keep trying to recover the IP. If I get it back, I will definitely consider ways to relaunch the site without having to use a server. It was its running costs that caused it to go down. If it did not have those, we could probably have just left it up and let people continue playing.

Cuthbert addressed also the sadness and oddity of making a game that no longer exists beyond developer builds.

“I hate it when a game that I created is missing so people don’t have the chance to play it. […] It’s wrong for someone as beautiful, interesting and rich and as talented as The Tomorrow Children to be unable to access it. It is great to be able now to enjoy it and return into the real world. It’s like everyone in the office is saying, “Oh, we can play it again?” You know, it’s great fun. It’s great to see this build run like this.

Cuthbert doesn’t know if Sony will give the rights back. “We don’t yet know everything.”

Cuthbert made his name at Nintendo, helping program the original Star Fox, before eventually founding Q-Games in 2001. Q-Games is most well-known for creating The Tomorrow Children, a PlayStation exclusive in 2016.

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