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Tony Blair’s plan for a pay-per mile road tax is deemed ‘idiotic’ New poll finds Britons out

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Tony Blair's plan for a pay-per mile road tax is deemed 'idiotic'
New poll finds Britons out

According to the 86 percent who participated in the poll, which was conducted between 11am and 1pm on September 2, 2013, no Tony Blair road tax idea was worthwhile.


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What did he then suggest?

* A flat rate per mile, incentivising people to drive less. To reflect vehicle weight, fuel consumption and the vehicle’s impact on climate change and air pollution, the flat rate may vary. The driver would be only charged for the ‘free allowance of miles’.

* Additional congestion zone charges like the one in London. Stockholm, Oslo Bergen, Bergen, and Gothenburg have systems that automatically charge cars for entering different areas. Blair suggested that charges be determined by the time of the day, and could be set at a maximum daily limit.

* An “time-based” system where drivers are assessed based on how long they spend driving. Although he claimed it would encourage people to drive more slowly, a portion of it might also incentivize them from avoiding congestion.

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* The “charge per-journey” pricing model where drivers record their journeys in an app or built-in device and then a cost-per-journey is deducted from their prepaid accounts. This is similar to the way people use Uber today. Express voters voted for Blair, who acknowledged the possibility of this system being viewed as an invasion on privacy.

A flat-rate tax per mile was his most popular proposal, with nine percent of respondents saying they would support it.

One reader wrote: “I don’t do much mileage, so this would be a huge savings for me, but I can’t stand behind anything that is proposed by that warmonger!”

One voter stated that he was the most stupid person on earth.

They should charge per mile. This will cause businesses to be overwhelmed with expenses and consumers to suffer. All the additional costs will then get passed on and will drive up the price of goods.

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While the majority of voters didn’t like Mr Blair’s tax proposals, 36% said the road tax system must change to meet the deadline for petrol- and diesel car bans.

The disdain shown for Blair seemed to cloud voters’ decision-making about Blair’s road tax plans.

One voter said, “I answered no to all!” It is only because it has the same name!

Some people suggested that instead of taxing mega-rich individuals for frequent use of air travel, the government focus should be on this.

One voter stated that he would support a tax at per-mile on private and regular aircraft.

We see stars unhindered travelling the globe. We should tax them!

Other people suggested the government introduce a new tax for cyclists in order to increase funds.

Express.co.uk commented that “cyclists must be held accountable for road abuse and use.”

Are you in agreement? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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