Uber and Lyft will cover legal costs for drivers who are sued in accordance with the law. Texas’ anti-abortion laws

Ride share companies are taking a stand against the draconian Texas anti-abortion law SB8.

Lyft said Friday it would cover 100% of legal fees for Lyft drivers who are sued in accordance with the law. Uber followed suit soon after, although it had initially taken the stance that it did not believe the law would apply to its drivers.

Lyft CEO Logan Green announced the news via Twitter. Uber CEO quoted Green as saying that the company would also provide support for suspected drivers.

SB8 bans Texas women from having abortions within six weeks. This is the time when most women know that they are pregnant. Private citizens may also sue anyone who aids or abets a woman seeking abortion within the time limit.

Although the law doesn’t specify what “aids or abets” means, it may apply to anyone who takes a woman from one place to another — possibly a rideshare driver. Some drivers may not accept rides to and from abortion clinics. This would hinder women’s ability to have an abortion.

Lyft or Uber could pay fees to counter that pressure. However, it wouldn’t stop a driver going through an expensive legal process. The companies did not provide details on how drivers can access the assistance beyond the establishment of a Driver Legal Defense Fund. The move made by rideshare companies to help drivers is unquestionably a positive one. However, it’s important that the fees are covered and funds provided upfront rather than later.

Lyft will also donate $1 million to Planned Parenthood. Logan Green, CEO of Lyft, stated that the company’s donation and legal protection coverage are “to make sure transportation is not a barrier for healthcare access.”

Publited Fri, 3 Sep 2021 at 22:18.39 +0000

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