Warning: “Costs can really add up” Drivers warn about potential Charge for PS10,000 Car Tax

Warning: "Costs can really add up" Drivers warn about potential
Charge for PS10,000 Car Tax reports that London drivers who don’t meet Transport for London’s emission standards could pay hundreds of pounds per week just for the privilege to drive their cars. The ULEZ Zone is being expanded in Central London starting October 25 to make it a larger area that will affect more motorists.

These guidelines were created to inspire owners of old, polluting vehicles, such as cars and motorcycles, to take action.

If they do not meet emission standards, cars, motorbikes, vans and any other special vehicles up to and including 3.5 tons and minibuses up to five tonnes will be subject to a daily fee. spoke out warning that many people might not be aware of the expansion of the ULEZ in London in autumn or if they will be affected.

According to where they drive, motorcyclists living in capital may have to also pay Congestion Fee.

The costs could really add up depending on the number of days that they have to drive their car in these areas. It’s important to be clear about what’s happening.

To inform drivers if they enter the ULEZ, road signs and advanced signals will be used.

To determine if vehicles are in compliance with ULEZ standards, cameras will scan the number plates.

As they evaluate their own initiatives to reduce air pollution, other cities in the UK will also be watching how these new charges are applied.

TfL recently opened a Consultation on the Congestion Charge. It will run until October 6th. There are various discounts, and even reimbursements.

The daily charge will remain at PS15 but the charging period can be changed from Monday through Friday from 7am to 6pm and weekends and bank holidays from noon to 6pm.

Between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, there would not be any proposed charges.

If they are approved, the changes will take effect on February 28, next year.

The money from ULEZ is going to be used for the London transport system, which includes the Underground, and other low-carbon projects.

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