Alan Wake Remastered is now available on retailers’ websites Release date: October

According to reports, the announcement will come next week.

Alan Wake Remastered is now available on several retailers websites, with an October 5th release date.

Rakuten Taiwan currently lists the Xbox 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox versions with placeholder box art. This will mark the debut of the Xbox 360 classic on PlayStation consoles.

Senior analyst at Niko Partners, Daniel Ahmad, tweeted to say Alan Wake Remastered will be announced next week.

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It’s not surprising that Alan Wake Remastered exists. In June, Alan Wake Remastered and Final Fantasy 7 Remake were both spotted in Epic Games Store updates, suggesting a PC release was on the cards.

Remedy, a developer, announced last year that it had signed two projects with Epic Games. Then, Control released Control’s second expansion which reintroduced Alan Wake, its fan favorite hero, into the game’s story as part of Remedy’s larger narrative universe.

Alan Wake 2 was then reported to be one of Remedy’s Epic-funded projects. Alan Wake Remastered, it makes perfect sense.

Publited Sat, 4 Sep 2021 at 19:52:02 +0000

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