Amazing photos of Queen Star Freddie Mercury at her 75th Birthday Party


Amazing photos of Queen Star Freddie Mercury at her 75th Birthday Party

It is hard to imagine any other stars with more life and an extraordinary spirit than Freddie. Even though his health was deteriorating in 1990, Freddie was determined to throw a grand and extravagant birthday party. The black-and-white drag ball that he held in Munich in Germany in 1985 and similar hedonistic celebrations at Pikes Hotel, Ibiza, were his annual events. For his 40th birthday in 1986, he hosted a “hat party”. He had a tradition of making a show-stopping, extravagant cake every year, and this was just two months prior to his death in 1991.

The star had only two months left to live when he was hospitalized for his 45th birthday. However, his friends made sure that a multilayered, elaborate cake was created by Jane Asher, a celebrity chef and actress.

The recreation was lifelike of the Montreux apartment building. He made Switzerland his home and he recorded his last vocals on the posthumous Made In Heaven.

In 1990, Freddie decided to celebrate his 90th birthday with style. He was surrounded by some of his closest friends, Mary Austin and Jim Hutton. Mary is visible at Freddie’s right in the photo below. Barbara Valentin, an Austrian actress and blonde brunette to his left, was also close to the star while he lived in Germany during the mid-80s.

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Freddie was a friend of Dave Clarke from The Dave Clarke Five. He was also a rock star and was at his bedside during his death in November 1991. The Express interviewed him about his friendship, and he revealed the special moment at their last birthday party.

He stated, “He was very creative. He was shy. Freddie was. He was a master of the stage. He was an amazing person in private. He had a Picasso bathroom. This was incredible.

He had a great, wonderful style. He cared deeply about others, which was a nice trait. His videos make you believe he is completely off the wall, but it’s not. He is just an individual.”

“Freddie is missed by me, as do many of his friends, for he was a person who made people laugh and made them smile. He was bigger than life.

We all have the same family background. But Freddie had style and class, there was no doubt.

He invited only 30 close friends to his birthday party. Joe Fanelli prepared 30 courses and paired each one with 30 wines.

Clarke perfectly summarized the evening and his friend’s friendship in just two words: “Never boring.”

Freddie continued to fall in health over the following twelve months. Many of the people who attended the 1990 birthday party helped to form the core group that would take care of Freddie and ensure he wasn’t alone in his final weeks.

Freestone stated to The Express that there was a calm atmosphere at the house in those final days. But Freddie remained the Freddie who we all knew up until the very end.

Freddie passed away on November 24, 1991. However, Freestone commented that he believed Freddie was in peace with himself.

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