BMW M4 Competition with M Performance Parts & Mint Green paintwork

BMW M4 Competition Mint Green

The new BMW M4 looks like the most controversial BMW ever. Bangle’s E65 7 Series was more controversial at the time, but it’s still one of the most hated BMWs in recent history. The car’s aggressive and massive grille gives it an extremely love-it or loathe it appearance. A vibrant color is one of its strengths. The M4’s striking looks are made more clear by a vibrant, bright color. This Mint Green BMW Individual BMW M4 Competition is an example.

The BMW M4 Competition looks amazing in Individual Mint Green. This is what we saw at the BMW Welt. The vibrant color contrasts well with the black accents, making them really pop. It also takes the focus off of the large grille which makes it less noticeable. The color also brightens the car because it is easy to see.

M Performance Parts has the rest of the vehicle covered in carbon fiber. The rear diffuser is made from carbon fiber, and the quad tailpipes are oddly stacked. Although stacking exhausts aren’t new to the market, they are unique for BMW. There are very small carbon fiber canards on the front. They do nothing but look great.

It’s an M4 Competition underneath the skin, aside from its color and M Performance Parts. It uses a twin-turbocharged 3.0 Liter I6 engine to produce 503 horsepower, and 479 lb.ft torque. Its eight-speed auto sends the power to its rear wheels, through an electronically-controlled limited-slip rear diff. The car is also a pleasure to drive, and compensates for its strange appearance with exceptional dynamics. It also comes in Mint Green.

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