Elon Musk's Tweet about a 'Full Time Job' was funny, but it revealed a lot.
A Brutal Truth That Most People Do Not Admit

Elon Musk’s Tweet about a ‘Full Time Job’ was funny, but it revealed a lot. A Brutal Truth That Most People Do Not Admit

Elon Musk's Tweet about a 'Full Time Job' was funny, but it revealed a lot.
A Brutal Truth That Most People Do Not Admit

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This is Musk’s response to an article by a journalist about the legal dispute between SpaceX, Amazon and SpaceX over satellites that provide broadband Internet connectivity.

A quick background

  • Amazon, a subsidiary of Kuiper Systems LLC announced plans in 2019 to enter the Internet satellite market. The Federal Communications Commission agreed to allow Kuiper Systems LLC to operate on a spectrum that was specifically reserved for such purposes.
  • The FCC granted licenses to that spectrum years ago, however, to players like OneWeb and SpaceX. SpaceX and other players objected against Amazon’s request. This began an extensive legal and regulatory battle before the FCC, which continues to this day.
  • SpaceX claims it has almost 1,700 satellites in operation and has 100,000 customers. OneWeb reports that there are 200 satellites orbiting. Amazon is yet to launch one.

This brings us to Musk’s latest FCC filings.

  • On August 19, SpaceX filed its plan to move on to the next generation of its satellites, which would reach 30,000 satellites in total.
  • August 25th, Amazon requested the FCC to reject SpaceX’s plan.
  • SpaceX responded this week by complaining, among others, about the number of objections Amazon had filed against SpaceX. According to SpaceX’s counsel:

“Amazon’s latest missive by Amazon is, unfortunately, only one of its ongoing efforts to slow down competition… and neglects to address the Commission’s concerns regarding Amazon’s non-geostationary orbit satellite system (‘NGSO’).

You can find more information here

Amazon waited for 15 months before explaining how it works. SpaceX has received objections on an average of every 16 days in this past year.

We now reach Musk’s Twitter, which was in response to Michael Sheetz’s report on space, CNBC.

SpaceX’s legal action is his main job.

This made me laugh out loud. Even though Jeff Bezos was only mentioned once in FCC legal documents (and it is not by name), everyone knows who Musk must be referring too. So, right? So, at least that’s what I believe.

It’s quite amusing watching Musk tweet at Bezos. It seems like he enjoys it. But, the tweet also contains a dark, dirty, and ugly truth.

We all know Bezos isn’t his full-time job, but to utilize the legal system to support Kuiper and SpaceX. (He’s busy these days riding rockets, and executive-chairmaning.)

It is someone’s job.

Which job is it? SpaceX claims that Amazon regularly brings six lawyers and lobbyists to meetings about SpaceX with the Commission.

SpaceX’s director for satellite policy is now a highly qualified lawyer, having previously served as senior adviser to former chairman of the FCC and in Congress.

This, even though it’s not something most people like to acknowledge, is how the system was designed. It’s actually a great thing all things considered.

We’re referring to the launch of thousands of commercial satellites at an unimaginable scale, as well as the innovative use of frequency spectrum. The second- and third-order effects as well as the magnitude of the opportunities are difficult to comprehend.

Even those who favor less government may agree with the fact that it is important to have strong regulations in place.

It can also be frustrating, slow, messy and annoying. What’s the alternative to this?

It could be an extreme situation, where any company could interfer with another company. This paradoxically may discourage some of the most successful companies from ever competing.

Long-time readers will know that I am eager for SpaceX, or OneWeb, or Amazon, or some other company–I’m truly agnostic as to which one–to achieve the goal of bringing high-speed broadband Internet access to the most remote places.

I have seen how rural areas can be held back by a lack broadband connectivity in the 21st Century. I believe I can understand the need for broadband access.

Musk may not have intended to raise all the points Musk made about regulation, the legal system, and innovation. He’s probably just using the occasion to denigrate Bezos.

He has however revealed an important fact.

People have been complaining about lawyers since Shakespeare’s time. Even worse, I have my own complaints about lawyers.

However, a strong, complex legal system is beneficial for complicated business ventures. It might be, to paraphrase another bold and great thinker, the most inefficient system, besides all of those that have been tried.

It’s what we all live by. It doesn’t matter the type of business that you run, once you get caught up, it’s the system you live under.

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