Elvis swore he didn’t want to marry Priscilla and cried, “I have no choice.” But why?

Priscilla presley talks about her 1985 relationship to Elvis

They had been married for seven years, so why should The King be forced to wed the woman with whom he lived? Even “molded” her into his perfect partner. This was the cause of all their troubles and the reason he didn’t want to marry her. Graceland’s favorite servant, one of Elvis’ favorites, later admitted that she found Elvis in tears just the night before their wedding.

Alberta Holman, the King’s cook and housekeeper was a long-time friend of Gladys. After the well-known hair products brand Alberto VO5, Elvis gave her the nickname Alberta VO5. Alberta VO5 was the name Elvis gave Gladys after her famous hair product brand, Alberto VO5.

According to the biography Down at the End of Lonely Street by Pat H Broeske and Peter Harry Brown, Alberta claimed that she saw him crying over the 1967 wedding.

He apparently answered her question, “I don’t have the option to cancel it.”

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Elvis married Priscilla on May 1, 1967 (Image: GETTY)

Elvis married Priscilla in an eight-minute ceremony (Image: GETTY)

Alma Nash, biographer said that Elvis always sought out a young woman he could make into Gladys. He dressed young women in a manner that resembled her. He chose their clothing. Priscilla was perfect.”

When Priscilla Beaulieu had just turned 14 years old, and when The King was serving his military service in Germany, they met. It was the beginning of a long relationship for Elvis. Sandy Martindale, Elvis’s girlfriend at the time, was also the same age. They began seeing one another a few years later after Elvis left the US. __S.26__

Nash stated that it was not unusual for men of the American South to marry girls of their age. It didn’t necessarily mean that it wouldn’t be popular on a larger market. __S.29__

Nash said: “When Priscilla moved to Graceland the Colonel lost all his sense of direction. People went insane after Jerry Lee Lewis had married his cousin underage not long before.

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Elvis met Priscilla when she was 14 (Image: GETTY)

Elvis and his mother Gladys (Image: GETTY)

The Colonel demanded that Priscilla be kept secret to preserve Elvis’ popularity as a single teen idol and morality.

This encouraged Elvis to continue dating actresses and starlets throughout his Hollywood movie career. His co-stars were especially Ann-Margret, Viva Las Vegas. He was well-known for his pursuit of them. Many have testified to his romance with them, often with talks of marriage and devotion.

Meanwhile, Priscilla was still in Graceland. Elvis struggled between his desire to be a field player and his need to find a wife to do his mother proud.

Priscilla testified she was a virgin up until the day they got married. While he was playing elsewhere, the star preferred to place her on a pedestal.

This was a problem that began to affect his career.

Elvis life and death (Image: GETTY )

Nash stated that Elvis was growing older and it was now time to get married. The Colonel also wanted Elvis to settle down and get married because there was a morals clause within his contract with studios. Of course, Elvis was Elvis and was violating this clause every time.

Surprisingly, the issue wasn’t just the endless running with new girlfriends. It was his long-term living with Priscilla in ‘unmarried sin.

Priscilla was growing more angry about the absence of a wedding, and the fear that his daughter would be disgraced or used. According to some reports, he threatened to sue Elvis for taking an underage child across state borders.

When she was 15 years old, he had traveled with Priscilla from Germany to Los Angeles and Las Vegas. This was against the terms of her agreement with her parents who allowed her to travel to Germany with them at 15. She then moved to Las Vegas at 16 with her family. It was promised that Priscilla would remain in Memphis and live in a different house than Elvis. She also attended school.

Elvis and Ann-Margret (Image: GETTY)

All of this was on top of the fact that Colonel Parker wasn’t happy about his star’s passionate relationship with Ann Margret. He was enamored of her strong willed, ambition and had begun to ask his manager for her as a client. Parker saw her as an unwelcome distraction, and possibly even a threat to the power he had.

Nash stated that Elvis had been hot with Ann-Margret, and it seemed like he was going to dump Priscilla in order to be with her. That was a concern to the Colonel. The Colonel was very concerned about Elvis becoming a settled man.

Sandy Martindale was Elvis’ date at the time with Ann-Margret. He said that he knew Priscilla was his love, but he wasn’t ready to marry.

Elvis and Priscilla leave on their honeymoon (Image: GETTY)

Priscila shared the truth with Barbara Walters years later: “I believe that there was some pressure.” The relationship had been going smoothly for six years. Colonel Parker, Elvis’ manager suggested that we either get married or continue our relationship. “If you aren’t getting married, what’s the point?

The wedding was not romantic and sounds like it was more of a publicity stunt. Elvis proposed to Priscilla just before Christmas 1966 and they were married at the Aladdin Hotel, Las Vegas, on May 1, 1967. Parker arranged the wedding for only eight minutes.

It was followed by a quick press conference and a $10,000 breakfast reception, attended by friends, family, and business associates from Elvis’ film and record companies MGM, RCA, and the William Morris Agency.

Eight months later, their daughter Lisa Marie was born on February 1st. Priscilla knew it was the beginning.

Elvis and Priscilla with baby Lisa Marie (Image: GETTY )

It is known that Elvis was obsessed with virginity. He demanded that Priscilla be kept ‘pure for seven years’ and that their sexual relationships never exceed foreplay. He also loved cuddling teenage girls and being ‘fathered’ to them.

Priscilla was not happy when she fell pregnant immediately, as she feared it would change the way Elvis saw them. He stopped going to her bed. A few months later, he even left briefly.

Barbara Walters was told by Priscilla that Elvis struggled to deal with her being a mother, and the little girl he saw in me. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, I realized that he was my father in later years.

Elvis did not want that to happen, and had probably not desired to get married so he could play around with Priscilla while he was at it. It was too late. They had been growing apart and separated, which led to them splitting in February 1972. The couple divorced October 9, 1973.

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