European Union Removes U.S. from Safe Travel List, and 11 Others The Week’s Top Travel Stories

We will be posting new stories every night of the week, covering travel news and trends. We will give you the chance to revisit some of our most important stories every weekend, in case they were missed earlier.

European Union Could Ban Non-Essential Travel From U.S. as Early as Monday:Two months ago, America was allowed to travel non-essentially. Now the EU has reacted by imposing new travel restrictions. Travel companies are already anticipating a difficult fall due to the news of this ban.

Vacasa and Sonder face challenges as they prepare to join Airbnb as public companies:Vacasaa and Sonder will be able to create their brands independently of Google or Airbnb. Will their challenges in business models also be overcome? Each company has a lot of work ahead of them.

Why Hotels Need to Make Payment Tech a Priority: New Skift Research:Most hoteliers don’t think much about payment technology, so long as it functions. Payment habits and payment technology are constantly changing. These changes will be important for hoteliers, as well as vendors of technology and investors in the industry.

Alaska Airlines Taps New Flight-Planning Software to Avoid Costly Delays:Artificial intelligence (AI) has been much hyped up until now. AI has the potential to save money for travel businesses by making better predictions regarding events that could impact their operations.

Hilton-Backed Hotel Brand Banks on Rising Tide of Social and Environment Responsibility:You want to build a hotel. You need to think beyond the revenue from rooms. CGI is a growing investor who wants to see more emphasis placed on sustainability and social issues. ESG is not a fringe idea.

Two Companies are purchased by JetBlue-Backed Startup Flyr to Increase Its Airline SoftwareAirlines are known for being cautious when it comes to adopting new technology. It’s not unusual to see talk of airlines buying software in the current pandemic-related revenue crisis.

U.S. travel brands use TikTok marketing to reach next-generation travelersTikTok has finally become a powerful tool for travelers marketers. However, brands can expect lots of trial and error. The social video app for Instagram and YouTube isn’t the same as YouTube.

Radisson CEO: Why the Company had to split in twoLoyalty programs and hotel apps can expose your guest information to hackers. Ask Marriott. Radisson Americas’ dissolution aims to increase guest data security.

Airbnb’s Short-Term Rental Challengers Double Down on Brand Building:Short-term rental will be a lucrative business, just like major travel websites. These winners will come from independent property managers looking to create consumer brand, or the bigger players who will take them out like it’s usual.

Global Travel Restrictions Are Averaging 350 Per Country This Far Into the Pandemic:This UBS report is an ominous reminder that tourism is not returning to its normal state anytime soon.

Did you remember when Expedia wanted to reduce its dependence on Google? The Big 180 Degree Shift now:Criticisms blasted Airbnb’s reliance on Google ads to attract customers in 2019, blaming it for being too dependent upon Google. Expedia spent more on paid advertising than its competitors and saw some improvements in 2021. Expedia, its Vrbo branding are not making any excuses.

A Travel Coalition Faces Steep Climb Calling Out Industry on Climate Change:It is ambitious to reduce tourism’s carbon emissions by half, however travel cannot be ignored in the fight against climate change. The fight against climate change will be a difficult one when the airline passengers return to pre-Covid levels.

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