How can you unblock someone from Facebook

This story is about redemption. Everybody makes mistakes and some mistakes can lead to blocking of someone’s Facebook account.

It’s best to be professional. Facebook friends will automatically end if you remove someone from your network. If you suddenly feel the generosity of spirit, it is possible to forgive and forget. This is called “unblocking” someone on Facebook.

Unblocking someone does allow them to see your posts publicly but not make you friends on Facebook. You must send them a friend request to do this. Facebook’s help center has more info on adding friends and blocking.

How can you unblock someone from Facebook

Click the small downward-facing arrow at the top of the screen to unblock someone from Facebook.

Access “Setting & Privacy” in the dropdown.
Credit: Facebook

Click “Settings & Privacy”, then “Settings” in the drop-down.

To access Blocking, click on the “Settings & Privacy”. To access “Blocking,” click on “Settings & Privacy”.
Credit: Facebook

This will open a new window with your account settings. Click on “Blocking” in the left column. This will open the section that allows you to manage messages and users. You have blocked.

You can view a complete list of all blocked users in the subsection “Block users”. A button that says “Unblock” is located next to each user you have blocked.

Click “Unblock” next to the user’s name, then confirm to complete the task.
Credit: Facebook

To unblock someone click that and then click on “Confirm” to confirm the action.

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