Kristen Stewart would like to KNOW Diana “implicitly” – and not just play with her

Kristen Stewart ‘encompassing’ the skin of Princess Diana in new film Spencer (Image: PA)

The film’s world premiere was yesterday in Venice. It is only a week since the trailer. Yet Spencer quickly became a major movie this fall, in both box office and awards terms. Kristen Stewart is particularly excited about Spencer, whose portrayal as Princess Diana has generated a lot of buzz.

Timothy Spall is certainly a fan of Kristen and called her performance “superb” in an interview.

Kristen couldn’t be happier, and described landing the role in the best way she had ever felt about an acting part. This is a great compliment from an actress who, at eighteen, worked non-stop. She was the popular Twilight Saga high school student Bella as a teenager.

Kristen will now be playing one of the most difficult roles she has ever played. She is joining the ranks of prominent actresses portraying Diana, who quickly became the most popular woman onscreen.

Emma Corrin played Diana in The Crown’s most recent series. Naomi Watts and Serena Scott Thomas, Emma’s successors in Season Five of The Crown Elizabeth Debicki who also played the role of Emma in movies, are following closely.

The Crown’s Emma Corrin has served Kristen for inspiration to the point of becoming an ‘obsession’ (Image: Netflix)

The trailer shows Kristen looking a lot like Diana. She also seems to have perfected her unique voice.

Kristen states: “It is one of the most saddest stories ever told, and I don’t want to play Diana. I want to get to know her implicitly.”

Kristen, who was born in Los Angeles and raised there, admits she “repeatedly” watched Emma in The Crown to get Diana’s attention.

It’s brilliant! Kristen looks admiringly at Diana’s interview and tells Kristen that they re-enacted it while she fell asleep.

“I wanted her voice to be in my head, so that I don’t feel I was doing an imitation of her.

“The people that you love the most in your life — those who when they tell stories about you, you instantly drop into their voices — this is what I was looking for.

“I felt like I could embrace her, and I wanted to feel as if I were walking in her shoes.

Kristen admitted that she was scared at first. She laughs now that she realizes how scared she was at first.

“But, I suppose the only thing that relieves the tension is the fact that I do my best. There is no single way. You’ll see everyone has a different opinion about Diana if you look at every biography or memoir.

She said that every photographer views her differently and felt completely different each day. There’s no right or wrong way, it is up to you to feel honest and present.

It was a real challenge… The role is a big step in Kristen’s acting career (Image: Getty)

The trailer features a sequence of scenes from the film. It takes place during Christmas 1991, when Charles and Diana are in ruins. Kristen can be seen wearing a variety of familiar clothes.

She wears bright yellow blazer with matching hat in one. One picture shows her in a sparkling white strapless evening gown, and in another she wears a wide-brimmed red coat with a matching hat.

Although the trailer gives an indication of the turmoil Diana experienced during her breakup with Charles (played by Jack Farthing from Poldark), it does not show Diana’s August 1997 death.

The film focuses on the emotional rollercoaster the couple’s relationship put Diana through (Image: Getty)

Spencer will instead focus on events that occurred in Sandringham at the time Diana declared her divorce. The book will also be about her relationships with William and Harry.

Kristen says, “It is this very poetic internal imagining a three day period when all of it became most heavy for her.” It’s her inner experience that is more important than any other.

It doesn’t contain any shocking details. It doesn’t contain any new information.”

Princess Diana on Christmas Day 1991, in Norfolk – a key moment in the film (Image: Getty)

Chilean Pablo Larrain directs the film, and Steven Knight writes the screenplay. The music is by Radiohead’s JonnyGreenwood. Spencer focuses on the hapless festive weekend in Norfolk with the Royal Family. Diana feels claustrophobia, loneliness, and winter mists.

Kristen states that her only disappointment was not being able to travel to Britain in the time she researched.

She said: “I wanted in advance to Sandringham, London, to see those places where she lived. Those monumental spaces that you can feel so small within. It was so, that I decided to go ahead and tell myself: “OK, London is not something I will be able to visit in my real life, but The Crown allows me to travel there.”

Diana, in her deceptively modest manner, was a pioneer through many taboos of society, including the fact that she visited and held hands with AIDS patients.

Kristen, too, quietly works to increase public awareness for people who are gender-fluid. She is comfortable bisexual and has had relationships with many men including Robert Pattinson (Twilight) but has turned more towards women in recent years and has become most happy with Dylan Meyer, actress and screenwriter.

She quickly points out that “But, I haven’t managed to avoid all discomforts in terms of my sexuality.” To feel truly unaffected by judgments about sexuality, you would have to only be 15 and live in New York City or Los Angeles.

“It is something I know I would never have picked, but to be a lesbian. It was not what I thought I wanted. I also knew that my family believed it was strange and gross. I was sure that people from school felt the same way. I understand the feelings of being different or other.

It was my desire to embrace her (Diana) and feel as if I were walking in her shoes.

Kristen Stewart

Her awakening was, she says, surprisingly simple. She shrugs, “I have never experienced a time when I was able to call myself out as such.” “I fell in love with her and realized that my life was changing in ways I never imagined.

So, instead of saying, “Hey, my dad, it’s so hard to say it to you guys but I have something to tell you …'” it was more like: “OK, this is a new person in your life.”

“I said to them that I had a girlfriend. It was new and exciting. I fell in love with her and it felt like the next step.”

According to Kristen, her preference for women was realised and she immediately felt at ease with that. Kristen states, “I have never lived in the closet.” I’ve been able to hold hands in public with my friends. It feels wonderful to be gay.

She now lives happily with Dylan in Los Angeles after an affair with Alicia Cargile, a visual effects producer.

Kristen with girlfriend Dylan Meyer out in LA – doing normal-people stuff (Image: Getty)

Kristen will think for a second about the topic of marriage when you ask her. She says, “I love traditions.” She says, “I like declaring any type of thing. A grand declaration is my favorite. I’m inspired by the dedication to being certain about something.

“Having said all that, however, I have mixed feelings about the sanctimoniousness of this whole thing. Although I believe I would marry my way, I don’t think I’d do so in public. But I do want a home, definitely. A home with four walls and a solid door is what I desire. All the normal things I desire!”

She says that she is more at ease in her skin now than ever before, even though she’s 31 years old.

She laughs and says “I am older.” She laughs, “I was more anxious when I was younger. I couldn’t sleep well back then. But these days I have been sleeping well.”

Teenage Kristen with Robert Pattinson in Twilight… Much has happened since then, including growth (Image: Netflix)

And, I have grown up. There are many girls that went through this stage.

But I don’t think that this is the right impulse. If you think back to the interviews that I gave in my teens, it’s clear that I also did this. My hair was long and blonde. I wanted to look pretty. It’s something I have moved on from, but I will probably return to it in the future.

My life will look like this: “God, I want to grow my hair back!” It’s not true that there is one right way to live. There are many versions of you, and they don’t have to conflict. They can all co-exist quite well.

Comfortable with who she is, Kristen attributes her wellbeing to age… ‘I’m older,’ she says (Image: Getty)

According to her, kickboxing keeps her healthy and Cole is her best friend. They do all things together.

Kristen says that she keeps her sane by carefully selecting what she reads online. She says, “You are always responsible for the things you see.” There will be many stupid things you could look at, but it is possible to redirect your focus and stop looking at the ********, that I do every day.

“I am a very optimistic person, and that makes me feel good.” “I feel extremely lucky in this moment of intense world events.”

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