Mick Fleetwood reflects on his roots and the genius of Peter Green

Mick Fleetwood talks through Fleetwood Mac’s beautiful journey and eclectic 2020 reunion (Image: Ross Haflin)

After delays due to lockdown, this film about the February 2020 concert is finally available in British cinemas. There will also be a documentary on making of. Mick Fleetwood, from Hawaii, laughs that “this is not a nine-month pregnant.” This baby is still being born!” The baby might even be completely educated …” by the time it comes out.

Mick (74) was touched deeply by the outpouring of support. He tells me, “It wasn’t possible to believe.” A gathering of clan members. The mix was eclectic and it was a huge pleasure to be there.

I knew 40 percent of them really well. The others were incredibly connected. Johnny Lang was not even alive when the band began in 1967. Townshend was not expected but he told his story, which added to the specialness of it all.

London Palladium: A range of revered stars made the magic happen (Image: Ross Haflin)

“They wanted to all be there for their personal reasons, and also because they were interested in Fleetwood Mac’s early years and Peter Green. That was why everybody was there.”

To make it even more poignant, Green died five months afterwards.

A gifted and, in Mick’s eyes, ‘almost completely unique’ guitarist… Peter Green (Image: Getty)

Peter, a Londoner of origin, was an extremely gifted blues guitarist. He even managed to follow Eric Clapton’s legendary Bluesbreakers.

Mick says, “He was nearly completely unique.” Mick says that Mick played with incredible emotion and feeling. People often forget how he sang, as well as his songwriting and guitar playing. His combination of voice and guitar had a profoundly powerful effect.

“We were in the beginning days of playing ballrooms, pubs, and clubs all across England and Europe. There were people that didn’t really know us or our activities for quite a while, but they were affected by what we did.

Peter was exceptional. He was not only on the stage. There was something about him that felt right. He could be seen walking into any room, and someone would gravitate toward him. Although he was trying to negotiate against his humbleness as a person, he couldn’t change the impact of his personality and music or the messages he sent.

Listen to his songs. He has a lot of pain hidden in his music.

Whether on purpose or by accident, the band had an effect on those who listened (Image: Getty)

Fleetwood Mac was almost an accident. John Mayall, a Blues legend had gifted Green three hours of Decca studio recording time with Gus Dudgeon as a birthday present. Peter also invited Mick, his Bluesbreakers and John Mac McVie, bassist to join him.

Gus asked Mick, “What do you call that instrumental ?’,”?” Peter said that Mick and John were here so we should call it Fleetwood Mac. That’s how the name was born. This gift gave rise to a band that is still doing it span>

Mick Cornish, 5ft5, was born in Cornish. He had previously played in Peter B’s Looners with Green and Shotgun Express (with Rod Stewart), before Fleetwood Mac started in July 1967. Green composed their first compositions in 1968, including Black Magic Woman and Man Of The World. Oh Well was also a chart-topper.

Mick recalls, “We weren’t motivated by money.” Mick recalls, “We were content to leave our house with a good meal and go back home. It was a lot of fun and dedication. We didn’t think about anything other than playing. There wasn’t a single thing that we wanted to do, like achieving X,Y, and Z. It would have been impossible for us to imagine the idea of “making it” but it did happen, whether we like it or not.

The early days of Fleetwood Mac – not about the money but fun (Image: Getty)

Peter was not aware that it had affected him. It wouldn’t have occurred to us, and we couldn’t recognize it or assist someone suffering from hidden grief that was so devastating.

Peter was first exposed to LSD in March 1970 at a Munich commune. He did not recover. He quit three months later and was finally diagnosed with schizophrenia in 1977.

Mick said that he and Mick were “like little children watching their parents leave in boats.” We do what? What do we do?

The troubled genius (Image: Getty)

With the self-titled, seven-time platinum Fleetwood Mac album, their commercial revival came in 1975. Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham joined Mick, Mac, and Christine McVie to create a soft-rock phenomenon that became a soap opera. This was a vast improvement on their “total hoot”, blues days.

Mick grins and says, “Back then the entire band was like an odd couple.” “Jeremy Spencer, a mischievous elf and a gangly creature like me “.

Fleetwood was the son of an RAF pilot and a boarding school dropout. He never tried to make a fuss. East End Peter, aka Peter Greenbaum was the son of a postal worker who stood up for his rights.

Spencer was a rock’n’roll cover guitarist on stage. It was Fleetwood Mac’s side that Peter loved…until Peter changed his mind and quit the community I was familiar with. I felt a huge loss.

Peter’s death was a devastating experience for us. What you win is not about the concert. It is about what we did then. It’s about the power of what we did then.

The Palladium concert last year took over two years to plan and demonstrated how respected Green is. Glynn Johns, a veteran producer, brought Andy Fairweather Low (with keyboardist Ricky Peterson) and David Bronze (with guitarist David Bronze).

Billy Gibbons, Noel Gallagher (ZZ Top), and Fleetwood Mac’s Christine McVie were among the special guests.

Kirk Hammett, Metallica’s Kirk Hammett, flew from Hawaii to perform The Green Manalishi. Green is so dear that he purchased his 1959 Les Paul guitar. Mick says, “So many people traveled thousands of miles just to hear one song.”

I was looking forward to playing at festivals in Europe and seeing the film in over 900 cinemas around the globe. While the timeline has changed, the core of what I was trying to convey is not.

Kirk Hammett, from Hawaii to London for a song (Image: Ross Haflin)

I feel extremely proud of what we accomplished in just one evening. “I was not being a good maitre d, but I tried my best. It was because everyone was in it.

Is it perfect? It’s certainly not perfect, but I think it’s meaningful span>

Mick poured his heart into the February 2020 concert, a ‘meaningful’ one for the artist (Image: Ross Haflin)

Martyn Atkins directs the film about this star-studded evening.

Mick says that people think of Fleetwood Mac in the “later incarnation”. Mick is referring to the legendary Rumours lineup. But before that, there was the blues version. Fleetwood Mac wouldn’t exist without Peter Green. That should not be forgotten .”

* Mick Fleetwood & Friends Celebrate the Music of Peter Green & The Early Years of Fleetwood Mac will be showing in UK cinemas on the 7th & 12th of September. Get tickets here

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