Naomi Osaka claims she isn’t sure when Naomi will return. Tennis after the US Open defeat

Naomi Osaka will be retiring from tennis at the moment.

After losing to Canada’s Leylah Anne Fernandez in round three of the U.S. Open, Osaka announced her decision. Osaka, the 2020 U.S. Open women’s singles champion, said she doesn’t feel happy when she wins. She also stated that winning feels more like a relief than losing. Osaka said that this is not normal.

Osaka stated, “I suppose we all deal with some stuff but I know I’m dealing avec some stuff.” “I don’t really know when my next tennis match will be.”

“I feel like I need to stop playing for awhile.”

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Osaka was frustrated and threw her racket several times throughout the match. In the third set, she hit a ball into a stand.

In a press conference, she apologized for her actions. In a press conference, she said that while trying to remain calm throughout the match, she felt like there had been a “potential boiling point”.

Osaka stated that “normally, I feel like a challenger,” Recently, I have felt anxious about things not going my way. It’s hard to understand why this happens.

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Osaka is the No. 1 player in the world. Osaka, the world’s No. 3 player, arrived at the match after three days of rest because Olga Danilovic (her second round opponent) withdrew from illness. In the past few months, she hadn’t been playing much. In August, she competed in 2 matches. She also participated in 3 matches at Tokyo Olympics July through May.

Osaka withdrew from the French Open, saying she had “suffered long bouts of depression” and was stepping away to focus on her mental health. Also, she withdrew her from Wimbledon. She did not return to the game until after the Olympics in Tokyo.

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