Rockstars in the '3D Universe' GTA San Andreas
Mod cease all development "due increasing hostilities"
towards modding community"

Rockstars in the ‘3D Universe’ GTA San Andreas Mod cease all development “due increasing hostilities” towards modding community”

Rockstars in the '3D Universe' GTA San Andreas
Mod cease all development "due increasing hostilities"
towards modding community"

“… and a danger to our financial and mental well-being.”

Despite the continued crackdown of Take-Two, another mod for GTA San Andreas has been taken offline by its creators.

GTA Underground was one of the most important mods in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’ 16-year old Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. After six years of development, the lead developer announced that all of its work had been stopped and all downloaded files were taken offline.

This was “due to the increasing hostility towards the modding community and imminent danger to our mental and financial well-being”, chief developer dkluin wrote in a post on

We would like to express our gratitude for all the support we’ve received over the years, and for our skilled modding team and the amazing work and dedication that brought us together.

GTA Underground was founded by Modder dkluin in 2014. He started it as a young teenager. PC San Andreas was created to bring together all of Rockstar 3D’s era content into one mod. It included maps from Vice City and GTA 3. Manhunt and Bully games, as well as their weapons and vehicles. This mod did not replace any San Andreas original content. Last year, Multiplayer was introduced.

GTA Underground was removed from ModDB by Take-Two in July. dkluin stated that the mod team was still “trying for a solution”, and release plans were “put to bed for now”.

Take-Two appears to be on a mission shutting down San Andreas mods, Rockstar prepares for remasters GTA 3 Vice City and San Andreas, while the creators of the striking re3 project are being sued in California by the company. Dkluin and his co-workers think it’s better to get the hell out. Below is the clip of Take-Two’s departure.

The demise of GTA Underground follows the same decision for the same reasons by the makers of a 14-year-old San Andreas mod called GTA United in July.

GTA Underground may be gone, but dkluin stated that it could not be the end of the GTA Underground team.

“A number of modders, both within the team and outside, have expressed interest in creating our own title,” said dkluin.

We cannot deny or confirm such things, however we will keep you updated.”

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