Shawn Layden, a former PlayStation boss, reveals that he left the game. To Avoid Burnout, Have a Company

Shawn Layden has revealed the reason he left PlayStation almost two years later.

PlayStation abruptly announced on September 30, 2019, that Layden had left the company after 32 years with Sony. Layden’s departure was not announced by the company. PlayStation stated that Layden would be missed and said so, but Layden has kept quiet about it.

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Layden, nearly two years later, has spoken out to Bloomberg to say that he quit PlayStation in order to prevent burnout, and also to leave a lasting legacy for the company.

Layden stated, “It is a young person’s activity.” “I felt that this was a great time to leave a legacy.

Layden said that he was responsible for some of the most popular games on the PS4 in years prior to his resignation. He pointed out Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War and others to Bloomberg. He said that leaving PlayStation when he did, which happened to be the year before the start of the PlayStation 5 generation, came down to good timing.

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Layden stated, “That seemed like an opportunity to rise to the top and let another generation take the PlayStation 5 market,”

Bloomberg asked Layden about his relationship with Jim Ryan, the current PlayStation boss. This was in response to rumors that Ryan and Layden didn’t get along. According to Bloomberg, Layden said that he “wouldn’t go into details there.” But Layden replied that he took his time and chose the best way for him.

Bloomberg interviews Layden who is now on the advisory board of Streamline Media Group and Alexander Fernandez, CEO of Streamline, about an hour long conversation. Layden expressed concern about the increasing costs of AAA gaming development during that conversation.

Layden stated that game development costs double each generation. He cited the fact that each of the PlayStation 4 games he assisted in getting out there cost $100 million.

Layden stated that if the cost curve continues to rise, there is no way we can stop it. That puts you in an incentivized position for sequels. Then he predicted that PS5 games would end up costing $200 millions to create and that the prices of these games will continue to rise.

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