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Spa Day is back in The Sims 4. Next week, refresh

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Spa Day is back in The Sims 4.
Next week, refresh

Spa Day 2015, one of The Sims 4’s first expansions, will be getting an overhaul next week. It’ll introduce a variety of new features, and improvements, that are free for existing Sims 4 owners.

EA’s original Spa Day was one of the mid-tier Game Packs. It was located between smaller Expansion Packs and the more significant Stuff Packs. Sims 4 added a new Spa Building type to allow Sims to relax and de-stress. Sims can enjoy everything from massages with stones and steam baths, to yoga and meditation.

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As outlined in developer Maxis’ latest livestream, next week’s surprisingly expansive update to Spa Day will bring new features and tighter integration with the core game. A new High Maintenance trait can, for example, be used to soothe yourself at the spa. This will give you a bit more motivation to make use of the facilities. The Wellness skill, which was previously used by Sims, has been extended so that Sims with child Sims may take part in meditation and yoga, while wearing appropriate clothing.

Official Trailer for The Sims 4, Spa Day Refresh

Sims have three other new Wellness-themed goals. For example, Zen Gurus want to spread their expertise in Wellness to the rest of the world, and to train another successor. Self-Care Specialists aim to be big on Wellness.

It is worth noting that almost all wellness skill items, including the massage chair and table, the yoga mat and the meditation stool, now offer ways for players to earn money. New portable options allow them to start their own business, which includes massages, guided meditation, and yoga classes. You can even advertise your services via The Sims 4’s social media.

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Inner Peace is the final aspiration. It is about bringing harmony into Sims’ lives and trying to reduce negative emotions. The refresh offers new options for Sims to relax and pamper others. In the mini-fridge, you can also find healthy plates of cucumbers.

The Sims 4 – Spa Day – Refresh Livestream

Maxis’ stream (which you should watch if interested in some of the small-scale changes that were made as part of this update) mentions the new Spa Membership trait. This, according to its description, allows players to waive all fees for regular spa sessions if they wish to include them in their game-through.

Nails and manicures are the final major feature of the Spa Day update. Sims 4 will soon be able add some pizzazz to their toes and fingers with the new update. Sims can choose from a variety of nail shapes and colours. Some of these designs were created by Ebonix who was responsible for many Sims 4 nails before this official launch.

Maxis says that The Sims 4 owners will have four nail options. Others will only be available in the Spa Day Game Pack, which launches Tuesday 7 September on PC, Mac and Xbox.

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Publited Sat, 4 Sep 2021 at 06:34:00 +0000

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