This vacuum cleaner and deo bundle is $125 off
Your home

This vacuum cleaner and deo bundle is $125 off Your home

SAVE $125: As of Sept. 4, this versatile Sirena vacuum bundle is $125 off the original price — get one for $772.99 in the Mashable Shop.

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, there’s an embarrassment of riches. Seemingly every vacuum out there claims to be the best. Some claim to be efficient in cleaning any surface, while some claim to be experts at getting rid of the debris left by your pets.

The best vacuum cleaner will clean all corners of your home and make your life easier. It’s understandable that it can be tough to choose given how many options are available in the market, but if your goal is to bring home a cleaner that can eliminate dust, dirt, allergens, and bad odors, the Sirena is your best bet.

The Sirena is allergy and asthma-recommended and “GOLD” rated by the Carpet and Rug Institute. It uses water-based technology to create a cleaner environment and keep your home spotless. This machine can clean not only carpets but floors and walls as well as furniture and ceilings. The motor is powerful enough to lift multiple carpet layers. It also has a variety of speed settings to tailor your cleaning schedule. You can use the high-speed mode for general cleaning and the low speed mode for air deodorization.

Sirena comes with a 3.5-liter water tank that can clean the entire house. You can be sure that the Sirena will deliver maximum suction power and airflow every time, thanks to its 100 percent water efficiency.

You also get a scent pack to fill your home with lovely fragrances. Usually retailing for $898, you can get the Sirena Vacuum Cleaner, Accessories, and Fragrance Bundle on sale for only $772.99.

Save $125 in the Mashable Shop

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