“Adventure and Heroism”: A custom-made EV made to honor injured Afghanistan soldier

AVA created the Croxford Defender in homage to Stuart Croxford who was a former soldier. Stuart Croxford was a former captain of the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment. He was in Afghanistan on his last tour when his vehicle accidentally detonated an explosive device. His feet sustained serious injuries.

They are electric cars that generate emotion.

It’s fast, just like a Tesla. But it feels very much like driving a laptop. This is an incredible feat of engineering. However, it’s almost like driving a laptop.

“So what did we want to do with all these cars? Just get back to that feeling.”

Croxford Defender is the only fully-electric bespoke Land Rover Defenders that AVA will make this year.

It can also do what’s called a “tank turn”, which allows it to turn on its own axis, and then spin around.

We saw two words when we attempted to disassemble the car: adventure and heroism.

Stuart has always been a true hero. We got to know Stuart after he was wounded in combat.

We learned from him that it was not what actually happened on that particular day. What happened just happened. That was actually what occurred after.

We wanted the Defender to feel adventurous and Stuart to have that same sense of adventure.

Stuart will be accompanied by the AVA Croxford Defender, and AVA Team on his greatest challenge to date: cycling from Land’s End in Scotland to John O’ Groats.

Blesma is a charity that supports limbless veterans throughout their lives. Stuart was a trustee of the organization since 2020.

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  1. This is a person who was injured in Afghanistan due to his own incompetence. He failed to adhere to the drills and training he was put through. This lead to a number of others under his “command” to sustain life changing injuries. It was the same lack of respect for instruction that lead to him having his leg hurt further in a sailing incident. The fact that this man has built a career out of being a “hero” and attracted other ventures to gain plaudits is the most despicable and shameful act that anyone could do. It just spits in the face of all us non injured soldiers who have been through such unimaginable trauma and don’t ask for anything in return.

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