Amanda Owen, from Our Yorkshire Farm puts toned tums on full Display amid health woes

Our Yorkshire Farm’s star, Amanda Owen, has been a huge hit with her fans via Twitter. The shepherdess displayed her amazing figure and won over many. As she resumed farming, the mum-of-9 displayed her toned physique.

This comes just a few days after Channel 5’s star took to social media to apologize for her absence.

According to the Yorkshire shepherdess, her family was infected with Covid. They are now recovering.

Yesterday Amanda posted to microblog that she was tending her sheep alongside her daughter Clemmie.

The TV Star shared several snaps of herself while working on the farm in view of her 175,000 fans.

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She is often complimented for her beautiful physique, which she attributes to her hard work on the farm.

Amanda opened up about why her family and she had “been lying low” since contracting the virus.

Amanda posted a clip of Nancy, her child, skipping across a field and an apology for her radio silence to her faithful fans.

The caption she added to the photo was “Making great progress.” We’re all fine, but some of us were afflicted by the #virusemoji* #yorkshire#ill #recovery#COVID

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