Amazon made a surprising change in 2021. It’s true. You must copy it

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This story is all about marijuana. There is good reason to think that business leaders from any industry should follow Amazon’s lead. Even if they don’t reach the same conclusion, I believe there are still some benefits.

Amazon had announced in June that they would not screen potential employees for marijuana use during their application process. This change was obvious to me at the time but I didn’t pay as much attention due to two factors.

First of all, I do not use marijuana.

Second, I doubt I will be applying to Amazon for any job anytime soon.

However, Amazon has been reported to be advising small businesses it partners with to follow its example.

We’re referring to Amazon’s delivery partners. These are independent businesses that operate many blue Amazon vans, and help solve Amazon’s last mile problem.

Amazon currently has approximately 2,000 delivery partners. These partner companies have around 115,000 drivers. They are facing an acute labor shortage, just like almost all businesses in America right now.

Deciding not to test for marijuana in the application process and prominently advertising that fact, Amazon said in a message to at least one delivery service partner as reported by Bloomberg, could boost job applications to these small companies by 400 percent.

I’ve written before about Amazon’s push in 2018 to recruit entrepreneurs to build a network of small, independent delivery companies that would use leased vans with Amazon branding. This seemed like an interesting opportunity at the time.

There are many things you could do that would make you happier than starting your own business where Amazon is set to be your largest customer. It will also provide training and help you negotiate better deals.

However, I wrote that these enticing terms can come at a price.

One example is the no-marijuana test issue.

Bloomberg spoke with some delivery partners who said that they were open to the idea. Others expressed concern about the possibility of their employees driving while impaired.

To be precise, no testing policy applies to pre-employment screening. Amazon stated in the original announcement that they will continue doing impairment tests on job applicants and would test them for any drugs or alcohol following an incident.

However, regardless of the actions taken by Amazon’s delivery partners, this news offers a great opportunity for business leaders in every industry to assess two aspects:

  • Consider whether your company is currently screening for marijuana. This should be done in light of the growing acceptance of cannabis (at minimum under state laws) and the increasing legalization of it. Given current recruitment difficulties, it is possible to make a convincing argument that Amazon is correct about the “400%” number.
  • A second, much larger consideration, that is really worth copying, is this: Did other legacy policies in recruitment or other areas make more sense when you put them in place, but might be harming your business now?

You can’t ask me the first question about your pre-employment policy regarding marijuana use. Your business is not my concern.

However, it is worth taking an honest look at your current policies to determine if they can be modified to achieve your goals. This is the key lesson that Amazon learned from this case. It’s the type of self-assessment which can be used by any business.

Amazon was asked for comments about the decision not to test for marijuana before employment. This announcement by Dave Clark (CEO of Amazon’s Worldwide Consumer Business) came on June 1. There are reports that Amazon is encouraging its delivery partners to follow suit.

Amazon has a response

Pre-employment marijuana testing has adversely affected communities of colour by slowing down job placements and, consequently, economic growth. This inequitable treatment we believe is unjustifiable. Given the state laws moving in the U.S.A, Amazon declared in June 2021 that it would not include marijuana in its comprehensive pre-employment drug screen program for nonregulated positions.

Our commitment to safety for our workers and customers is not changing. We have maintained our zero tolerance policy regarding impairment during work. Delivery associates who are impaired while at work, and test positive for impairment post-accidentally or because of reasonable suspicion, will not be allowed to provide services to Amazon.

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