Brexit Britain wins major deal with Japan on health - could 3.5m Brits benefit?

Brexit Britain wins major deal with Japan on health – could 3.5m Brits benefit?

Brexit Britain wins major deal with Japan on health - could 3.5m Brits benefit?

Ono has joined forces with British firm Healx who uses Artificial Intelligence technology (AI) to find and develop treatments and drugs for more than 7,000 rare conditions. Ono, one of Japan’s most important pharmaceutical companies, is a leader in R&D-oriented drug discovery. Healnet is an innovative technology that predicts starting points for drug development programmes for drugs they are able to redevelop. The technology claims it can create molecular modifications to drugs and jig combination that will give patients better results. This allows for rapid identification of new treatment options for rare diseases.

Healx will be able to get drugs previously unavailable in the UK through the new partnership. This is a huge opportunity to help the estimated 3.5 million Britons who are in desperate need.

The work is being led by Dr Neil Thompson (Healx Chief Scientific Officer). was informed by him that he is addressing a need for rare diseases that were not previously met in the medical industry. He explained that his technologies will enable us to develop a faster and more effective approach to drug discovery.

“There is a lot innovation in AI and Healthcare in the UK. Ono’s investment in British companies is a good indicator of this.

This deal is only good for the UK, and it could open up many new possibilities in the future.”

Healx CEO Dr Tim Guilliams said that it was a privilege to collaborate with Ono, a well-respected drug discovery company. He also shared our goal to provide new and effective treatment options for patients who are in dire need.

We are thrilled to use our technology to increase the impact of Ono’s technologies and provide new treatments for patients all over the globe.

We are confident in our AI platform’s ability to predict disease indicators with unmatched speed, scale, accuracy and precision.

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Most rare conditions have no treatment. Rare diseases can be life-threatening and chronic.

It takes on average over four years for a diagnosis to be accurate. This new technology will speed up this process.

Now, the company hopes to reach a deal for the NHS.

It comes as Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the UK’s science superpower after Brexit, has announced that it will accept this.

Johnson declared in his New Year message that he wants the UK to be a leader in AI, biosciences and wind power technology to provide millions of highly-skilled job opportunities.

He stated, “This is an incredible moment for the country.

We have freedom, and we must make use of it.

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