Google to BLOCK Gmail and Google Maps on Some This month’s Android phones

The end is near for those who have been having trouble with older versions of Android. Google plans to prevent users signing in using their Google Accounts on these older versions of Android. Google Maps and YouTube will be affected by this change. WhatsApp abandoned the old version of Android last spring.

The latest update will affect all Android 2.3-powered smartphones. This operating system was launched as “Gingerbread”, back in the days when Google still used dessert names to describe each iteration. It first appeared on December 2010.

Google has announced that it is withdrawing its support for the platform in “our continuing efforts to protect our users”. It suspended contactless payments using Google Pay in February 2017. The Californian firm has announced plans to ban all Google Account users starting September 27.

Users who attempt to log in to Android devices later this month will get a username/password error, even though they entered the correct details. The same error will occur if you try to add Gmail or Google Calendar to your device’s settings menu. Other popular Google apps, such as YouTube, Google Play Store and Google Maps will stop functioning if you try to add a Google Calendar or Gmail account.

You will need to update your Android smartphone to Android 3.0 in order to continue to use these apps. Some users won’t be able use the apps again because not all Android 2.3 devices can make the upgrade to the latest version. Google offers a way to upgrade if you are unable to do so.

You can access certain Google services by using the Android web browser. The apps on your phone will remain blocked permanently.

You can check which Android version your phone is running by going toSystem > Advanced > Software Update.

Sony Xperia Advance and Lenovo K800 are some of the top-selling smartphones, which still use Android 2.3.

Gingerbread, the 7th major Android version, is one of Android’s most successful launches. This was the first version of Android to include an annual update schedule – something that Google has maintained since then. Android 12 is the latest operating system and will be available on Google Pixel phones in October 2021. Samsung and OnePlus will be following suit.

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