Grab it now. Retro gaming could make you a fortune

Old Nintendo and PlayStation consoles have seen a rise in their value, even though you may not be aware. The $2million price tag for the highest-selling video game was reached last month. This was an unopened copy the classic Super Mario Bros video game for the NES released in 1985. After sealed Super Mario 64, which was released in the 90s and The Legend of Zelda that were sold for $870,000 and $1.5million respectively, this copy went to The Legend of Zelda.

Recent changes in the vintage games market have seen auction houses become more involved with selling classic games.

Gaming grading companies provide certificates that can be used to confirm the authenticity of valuable gaming relics.

A gaming deal you bought years ago from a car boot sale might now be worth hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

You should remember, however, that not all retro-gaming items are equally valuable.

All of the Nintendo consoles that set new records in recent times were unopened and kept in perfect condition.

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A copy of Super Mario 64 in the USA that was sold at $1.5 million received a 9.8/10 score from Wata Games.

This means that the almost 25-year-old game was practically new.

In July, sales held by Heritage Auctions generated $8.4million – this included the $1.5million copy of Super Mario 64, plus games from the Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy series.

Roberto Dillon, the curator of Singapore’s James Cook University Museum of Video and Computer Games is its founder.

The museum contains 400 objects that document the evolution of the medium over the years.

Dillon began his collection of video games twelve years ago and told CNN that the “holy grils” were unopened early editions or rare games.

Dillon said, “If you open the box, the value is half.”

Even if retro games were not available in your area decades ago, there is good news: digital gaming has made it more difficult to find physical copies.

Dillon believes that physical games with limited editions could be the next big thing.

He stated that “Twenty-years from now, today’s children will have disposable income, and they (will] want to recreate a set of games they played as young people… They look for collector’s editions from back then, which they did not own.”

Unopened, in-perfect condition games fetch the most at auction. However you might be shocked at how much you can get for some old consoles and games you have around the house.

These items should be in excellent condition with the original packaging and manual.

If you find any retro gaming items lying around and are wondering how much it’s worth then head to

You can see the current value and change of various gaming items.

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