Ignore diehard Rejoiners! Brexit is NOT the cause of supply issues – eurozone has been suffering

Ignore diehard Rejoiners! Brexit is NOT the cause of supply issues - eurozone has been suffering

Liam Halligan stated that supply chain problems are a major problem in the eurozone and said the reason for the present shortage is not Brexit. This gap has reached an amazing 24-year peak between factory output and order. Mr Halligan wrote: “The eurozone itself is suffering just as badly from supply chain issues with the gap between the output of eurozone manufacturers and the orders they receive hitting a 24-year high in July.

The region’s major carmakers have had a difficult time keeping up with demand due to input and labor bottlenecks.

This is a key reason why eurozone inflation has just reached 3 percent. It was a 10 year high.

In his opinion piece, Mr Halligan argues that Britain’s current supply chain problem is not unique.

In the Telegraph, he said that “despite what the anti-Brexiteers might tell you”, companies are facing global shipping issues, shortages of steel, metal, and semiconductors as well as staff shortages related to Covid.

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“Given that the pandemic and subsequent recovery of demand caused our backlog to be four times as high, it was very encouraging for the bounce-back.”

This news is coming as Ikea struggles to provide around 1000 product lines for UK customers.

Supply chain issues are affecting all 22 Ikea UK stores.

This led to retailers running out of mattresses, and other products.

Supply-chain problems have affected McDonald’s and Iceland as well as the Co-op and Greggs. All are experiencing stock shortages.

While Mr Halligan claimed that Brexit wasn’t to blame for current supply chain problems, an Ikea insider spoke out to The Independent to say: “What are we seeing is a perfect storm.

“This also includes disruptions to global trade flows, and shortages of drivers. These have all been made worse by Brexit and the pandemic.”

The spokesperson added that the company is facing ongoing problems with its supply chain due to Covid-19, labour shortages and transport.

We are also seeing higher customer demand because more people spend more time at their homes.

We are seeing low supply in certain ranges of mattresses, as a result.

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