Jenni Murray was ‘pi***d off” as Emma Barnett’s R4 replacement. She received PS240k. ‘We didn’t earn that!’


Jenni Murray was 'pi***d off" as Emma Barnett's R4 replacement. She received PS240k. 'We didn’t earn that!'

Former Woman’s Hour host, Emma Barnett admitted to “p ****sing her off” about Emma Barnett being paid higher than she after taking over her flagship program. She also criticised the broadcaster, who is 71 years old, for paying such high salaries to prominent presenters.

She said that they are “not worth the money” despite being talented, in comments sure to knock her off of the Christmas card list

According to the Sunday Telegraph, she said that she had been talking with an old coworker the night before and she expressed her disgust at the way she’s being paid.

We worked hard, had great profiles but didn’t get anything comparable. This is more than annoying. This is actually quite infuriating.

“I don’t believe they are worth it, regardless of how great they may be.”

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It is not clear from the list which part of her income was used for Woman’s Hour.

According to a spokesperson for the BBC, Emma’s 2020/21 salary covers four days a work week as Woman’s Hour host, Newsnight and her other BBC shows.

Jenni hosted Woman’s Hour for 2.5 days per week, pro-rata.

Ms Barnett did more work but when she commented on her salary, Jenni stated: “Well, that really p ****s you off.”

While Auntie was criticized for her extravagant salaries, Dame Jenni made a scathing attack on it because she had stripped millions of pensioners their licenses.

She stated that she was “hacked off” to find out she would still have to pay the fee four years later.

In 1987, Dame Jenni was made a regular host of the program and remains the longest serving host over the 74 year history of BBC Radio 4.

She interviewed many famous women during her time on the program, including Margaret Thatcher and Hillary Clinton.

Born in Barnsley in 1973, Jenni was a member of BBC Radio Bristol and later went on to present and report for BBC TV South Today.

She joined Newsnight in 1983 and then moved to Radio 4 where she was a Today presenter.

She closed her last programme in October 2020.

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