Just landed: Sky, Netflix, and Prime Video available for free Many with huge fines


Just landed: Sky, Netflix, and Prime Video available for free
Many with huge fines

The online piracy crackdown is continuing with hundreds of people that watched paid-for services like Sky, Netflix and Prime Video illegally facing major consequences. More than 200 individuals were arrested for illegally subscribing IPTV services, which allow them to access paid-for subscription channels. Police arrested a reseller selling illegal streaming devices.

Total of 240 persons were taken into custody. They now face fines in excess of PS20,000 and possibly jail time.

These arrests were made in one region in Italy. This comes after years of law enforcement efforts to decrease the number of pirate IPTV stations in that area.

According to TorrentFreak, the arrests took place in the Italian city of Piacenza.

The IPTV service offered unlimited access to Sky, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. All the arrested had been subscribing.

IPTV services cost approximately PS8.50 per month, which is considerably less than the costs of all these legitimate services.

You get access for free to many paid-for services at that price.

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It is worth noting that Netflix’s basic plan can be purchased for PS5.99 per month, while the standard plan will cost you PS9.99.

Authorities in Italy have warned that they could issue fines between PS213 and PS22.131 following this latest batch of arrests.

Criminal violations related to equipment used for “illegally decoding conditional access audiovisual broadcasts” may also be brought to light.

This news follows last year’s report by the Italian police that 223 IPTV subscribers were reported to the judicial authorities.

They could also have been sentenced to eight years in prison if found guilty.

FACT investigators teamed up last month with police in the UK to issue Cease and Desist letters to anyone suspected of illegal streaming.

This operation was directed at those who supply illegal IPTV services. Notifications were served to homes in Essex and Hertfordshire as well as West Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, and Pembrokeshire.

FACT advised it that it will monitor ongoing offences and take further actions against those who continue to do so.

FACT’s chief executive, Kieron Sharp stated that FACT employs a variety of strategies to stop illegal streaming.

“We target different constituencies of the global pirate landscape with regard to their scale to ensure that effective and proportionate actions are taken.

We are sending a clear signal by taking these steps. Police will take piracy seriously and those who are motivated to make a profit from it as fraud.

David Hayes from West Yorkshire added that while people may not believe they cause harm selling streaming services to make a quick buck, but you will be caught if you do.

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