“Magic:The Gathering” unleashes Innistrad’s werewolves Midnight Hunt

Innistrad, Midnight Hunt is Magic: The Gathering’s new set with werewolves. It will release wolf packs to its cards later in the month. This will unleash lycans once again on the trading card game.

The game’s first Gothic Horror themed set will include 19 double-faced werewolf card cards. The Innistrad Crimson Vow’s vicious vampires are expected to arrive Nov. 19. However, Innistrad Midnight Hunt’s werewolves will be leading the hunt starting Sept. 24.

Mashable is revealing a brand new card in Innistrad Midnight Hunt ahead of its release: Defend The Celestus.

Defend the Celestus
Credit to Wizards of the coast

Uncommon Green Instant card, Defend The Celestus gives you three +1/+1 cards to split as many creatures you choose among the ones you control. The +1/+1 counters can increase the creature’s Damage/Health rating and their Power/Toughness rating. If a creature has a rating of 3/5, a +1/+1 counter will increase that to 4/6.

To give your children a boost you could divide Defend The Celestus’s counters equally among three different creatures. You could also dump your entire counters onto one brute and buff them three times, just like a gym bro. You have the power.

You can play Defend The Celestus anytime you want, even during opponent turns. This allows you to turn a defeat that seemed certain into an easy win. This is provided that you have enough mana to cast it. To play Defend The Celestus, you will need four mana. This includes two green. It is quite a lot to have on hand and not tap. It’ll still be worthwhile if your pack isn’t overrun.

September 24th, Magic: The Gathering’s Innistrad Midnight Hunt Set will be available.

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