Monty Don was inundated by support after he said, “That’s it.” He posts “devastating” updates

Fans were told by the horticulturist that he had been with him for 23 years.

Monty added the following to the photo of the pair: “The fantastic Gerry Dawson and assistant/runner Noah filming in the garden today.

He continued, “I’ve worked for Gerry over the last 23 years. It has been an unremitting pleasure and privilege.”

Monty, stop tweeting as if you are about to end your day. One comment was made.

It sounds like you are leaving Monty !!!”. Another fan was added.

@TheMontyDon, please let us know that you aren’t leaving GW. It feels like a real possibility, thanks to this tweet. Asking the question that others fear …” Third message.

Monty replied, “No, I have no plans to go. Monty assured the viewer that he was still with him for a time.

Publited Sat, 4 Sep 2021 at 22:46.48 +0000

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