Sarah Harding, Girls Aloud’s star passes away at 39 It is a heartbreaking struggle with cancer


Sarah Harding, Girls Aloud's star passes away at 39
It is a heartbreaking struggle with cancer

After a long battle with cancer, Sarah Harding passed away at 39. In an effort to extend her life, the Girls Aloud singer was recently diagnosed with advanced breast carcinoma. She had undergone a mastectomy as well as chemotherapy.

Sarah’s mom confirmed this heartbreaking news via an Instagram post.

She said that Girls Aloud passed away peacefully at her home in today’s sleep.

She wrote an emotional tribute to her daughter, saying: “It is with great heartbreak that I share the sad news that Sarah my precious daughter has tragically died.”

“Sarah’s fight with cancer is well-known to many of you. She fought tirelessly from the moment she was diagnosed until her death.

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She passed away peacefully today. Thank you to everyone who supported me over the last year. Sarah was overwhelmed by it and felt great relief knowing she was loved.

“I’m sure she doesn’t want her battle against the terrible disease to be remembered. She was an shining star, and that is how I wish she could be remembered.” Marie X

Celebrities and friends have offered condolences, while tributes pour in.

Fearne Cotton wrote: “Oh, my goodness I’m so sorry. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. Her personality was so warm and fun. Your loss is very difficult for me. You are in my prayers and I send you love.

A portion of her memoir was published in The Times. It stated: “In December, my doctor informed me that the coming Christmas would likely be my last. “

She stated that she did not want an exact prognosis but just comfort and pain-free.

In her autobiography, Hear Me Out the singer stated that she “trys to live and enjoy every moment of my life, no matter how long it may take”.

Sarah revealed that she also had sepsis during her treatment for cancer at the hospital.

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