Sarah Harding: Who were you? Pictures of Sarah Harding, Big Brother star and Girls Aloud champion

Sarah died nearly a year ago, almost exactly one year after she revealed that she was suffering from breast cancer. Star’s mom posted the information on social media and described her daughter as “bright shining stars span>

Sarah was well-known for her role as one of five girls in Girls Aloud. She also had a successful and long career singing pop music.

In 2017, Big Brother featured the star and was named champion.

Sarah was a modest child and teenager.

Stockport native, born and raised, she studied hair and beauty at the college before moving on to other jobs such as waitressing and driving vans.

The pop band released the debut album with the same title in 2003. It reached number 2 on the charts.

The other Girls Aloud singles that have reached number one are ‘I’ll Stand by You’ and ‘Walk This Way’.

The group was nominated for five BRIT Awards and had seven albums certified. They won the Best Single award in 2009 for “The Promise”.

Sarah is not only an accomplished singer but also tried acting in 2008. She appeared in Bad Day, a low-budget thriller.

She starred in St. Trinian’s in 2007 and St. Trinian’s 2 in 2009, as well.

Sarah also hosted MTV’s Sarah Harding In 24 Hours that year and launched Kanaloa with her ex-boyfriend DJ Tom Crayne.

In 2015, she was a Celebrity Master Chef on BBC and in 2017 competed in Celebrity Big Brother’s 20th series.

The show’s winner was the singer.

Sarah’s second single solo, “Wear It Like A Crown”, was released in March. This song had been recorded 10 years ago.

It reached the top spot on iTunes and all proceeds went to Sarah’s charity choice.

Sarah also wrote Hear Me Out, a memoir that was published in March this year.

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