"Shane Richie is ill" - Concerned fans took to Twitter to report on the actor's condition.

“Shane Richie is ill” – Concerned fans took to Twitter to report on the actor’s condition.

"Shane Richie is ill" - Concerned fans took to Twitter to report on the actor's condition.

Former Eastenders actor and chappy, Shane, was once compared to “ghost”, with one adding that “Shane appears really sick.” Shane appeared alongside Vick Hope, Richard Blackwood, Gabby Logan, and Gabby Logan, in a Name That Tune game. However, viewers weren’t concerned about Shane.

Shane’s health may have been due to the recent transformation he underwent to fulfill his Westend role in Everybody’s Talking About Jamie.

Shane, who plays Loco Chanelle as drag queen, has revealed previously that he had to lose weight in order to fit into his dresses.

He stated that his weight had “creeping up” over the duration of the lockdown, while appearing on This Morning.

Shane said, “I am now getting back into boxing, and watching what I eat. I need to get into a 12 size!”

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The star was a guest on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here but also suffered from some serious health issues.

Shane described feeling “numb” after completing the most difficult of the trials.

It was because of the negative effects the trial had upon his stomach.

Famous eating trials are a favorite with viewers. They love watching their fave celebs try to eat bugs, duck eggs, and private parts.


But Shane felt extremely sick for the next three days when he won “Sickening Stalls’ popularity vote.

Ant and Dec heard his explanation about his departure from the program: “My stomach was full for three days. I was an absolute mess.”

“I can remember going to the bathroom once, wind or rain.

“Then I went back to sleep and came back 10 minutes later. It was sunny and I thought, ‘What is the time?’

Food poisoning symptoms can sometimes occur within hours after eating contaminated foods.

These include diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting.

A serious digestive issue can lead to severe consequences. It is important that you seek treatment immediately if these symptoms persist.

It is often easy to treat and may disappear after a brief period.

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