Suranne Jones claims that the Vigil role has sparked concern among husbands “What in the world have they done?”

Suranne Jones (42), admitted that her new role as Detective Chief Inspector Amy Silva in the drama about crime has raised some questions from her partner. The actress, Detective Chief Inspector Amy Silva has always been eager to do her own stunts, despite potential dangers.

She admitted that the coronavirus lockdown had taken a toll upon her physical capabilities.

Suranne said to the BBC, “When I read the script, I thought, ‘Oh, my God, that sounds incredible – I can do all these stunts! “

But I didn’t realize how old I actually was. “But I forgot how old I was when I read it.

To be able to perform those scenes, I needed to work out a lot.

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“And then, we had a gap during filming due to lockdown. Anyone who has ever had some lockdown belly knows it can be quite difficult to find your strength after that.

“Most stunts occurred when we were returning from the break. It was very difficult to rebuild myself.”

Laurence Akers (ex-Producer BBC) was aware as well.

Elle added, “I suffered whiplash and had to have my back pulled a few times… My back was hurting and I had bruises.

Silva’s efforts are joined by Matthew Doward, Lt Comm Erin Branning and Lt Commander Mark Prentice (Adam James), as well as DS Porter (Reuben Joseph).

Episode one aired at 9pm on Sunday, August 29, and episode 2 at 9pm Monday, August 30, on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

These four episodes will be broadcast weekly on Sunday nights at 9pm on BBC One. Viewers can also watch Vigil online via BBC iPlayer.

Suranne spoke out about Vigil creator Tom Edge. She said, “Tom Edge created a thrill-of-a-story, set in an world that I didn’t know anything about.”

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