Under threat: Millions of Android and Windows 10 devices dangerous Bluetooth flaw

This flaw can cause significant damage depending on which type of chip is used. A specially designed packet must be sent to the chip in question so that it can’t crash. It is possible to fix your device by simply restarting it.

Hackers can use the Bluetooth Classic flaw remotely to run malware code on other devices. This could enable malware to remotely be installed. These issues were discovered by researchers months before they were publicly published.

This should have allowed plenty of time to allow for patches that correct the issues. To be protected from the manufacturer’s patch, however, it is important that you have the most recent version of your operating system.

Security experts Malwarebytes pointed out that, since the threat revolves around Bluetooth Classic, a bad actor would need to be within “radio range” to carry out an attack.

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