“Very attractive teenager” How Princess Anne incited the First royal walkabout, 1970

The royal walkabouts are now synonymous with royal engagements, however, they were not always practiced by the Royal Family. Last night’s Channel Five program, “Anne:The Daughter Who Should be Queen”, featured Richard Kay as the Editor-at Large of the Daily Mail. He revealed that Princess Anne was the one who instigated the royal walkabouts during a 1970 royal visit to Australia. Richard described it as the “birthing of a royal standard” because Princess Anne, a very attractive teenage girl, inspired “the masses to turn out in their thousands.”

It was a historic moment for the Royal Family when they first went on a ‘walkabout’ around Sydney, Australia.

Sir William Heseltine was the Queen’s ex-private secretary and helped organize the event in Sydney. He wrote his memoir “The Royals in Australia” in which he admitted that there were some difficulties for all.

Sir William stated that the media interest in the first few walkabouts had been frenetic. The press claimed that Prince Philip had, upon being addressed in Greek by a member of the crowd, replied in rude English.

“I had the task of sorting out the idiotic drama.”

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It appears that almost all public royal engagements in 21st-century involve a royal strollabout where members of Royal Family greet well-wishers who gather on the streets.

While Princess Diana was able to charm her fans, Princess Anne revealed in the BBC documentary, “The Queen: Her Commonwealth Story”, that she hated them as a child.

It is difficult to believe that the 51-year-old routine didn’t exist. According to the documentary “Queen of the World”, viewers could only catch glimpses of royals driving by on earlier tours.

We never touched hands. “You can’t shake hands, so don’t begin,” Princess Anne explained in the movie.


This changed due to the popularity of Princess Royal, a 19-year old Australian girl, in Sydney in 1970. It was overwhelming and so the Queen decided to personally welcome the many royal watchers who came out to meet the queen.

Well-wishers now have the ability to shake hands and converse with Royal Family members, but selfies are strictly prohibited.

The Queen made a bold move in the 1970s to change things. The documentary’s narrator explains that she wanted to greet the people and thus the walkabout was created.

In 1970, the queen, prince Philip and Prince Charles took part in a royal tour through Australia and New Zealand. Richard Kay claims that it was actually the Princess Royal aged 19 who people wanted to meet.

The Duchess loves to interact with people, and other royals tease her about it.

Kate discussed this topic in the documentary titled “The Queen at 90”, which was released on the occasion of the Queen’s 90th birthday.

She stated that it was an art to wander about, and everyone teases me at home because I talk too much.

“I think I still need to know a lot more and learn some more tips.

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