2021 IAA: BMW iX – The Flagship Crossover is an auto show

2021 IAA: BMW iX – The Flagship Crossover is an auto show Start

BMW’s most powerful electric car, the BMW iX. The BMW iX is the brand’s first EV built using a bespoke platform. It has the highest power, most range, and most luxury. It’ll be a popular SUV for high-end buyers because it is a large, luxurious vehicle. While some may be unhappy with its appearance, it is likely that the X7 will sell well and the iX too.

Here at the 2021 IAA, the BMW iX shows off all of its tech, funky looks and interior luxury. The latter of which is by far the iX’s best feature. Sure, its 300 miles of max range and over 500 horsepower are good but nothing over-the-top. However, the cabin is lovely, is made from the highest quality materials, and features the best tech from a BMW cabin to date. I’ve been in almost every new BMW product for years and the iX has the best interior of any modern BMW I’ve sat in.

Under the skin, the BMW iX is built on its own bespoke electric architecture. Unfortunately, that bespoke architecture will die with the iX, as BMW won’t use it to underpin any other vehicle after it. However,  it does give the iX some advantages over its other EV offering — the BMW i4. The iX has surprising interior space, better packaging, and a lighter curb weight than it would had it been built on something more conventional. Still, it’s pretty heavy.

We haven’t driven the BMW iX just yet but we’re going to quite soon. Until then, we have no word on its power, performance, driving dynamics, or rear-world range. However, we’re anxious to get our hands on what will be one of the most important BMWs since the i3.

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