British expat made PS6,800 per night.

British expat made PS6,800 per night.

British expat made PS6,800 per night.

Los Montesinos was the birthplace of Mr Firth, who started an auction house that sold everything, from cuddly toys to cups, to wigs to dressers to clothes. Everything is sold at a discount price. For a fresh start, Mr Firth moved to Spain five years ago.

Many ex-pats from Britain now visit Mr Firth in search of a deal for their homes.

While living costs in Benidorm are low, the cost of furnishing houses is high. Mr Firth explained.

According to him, “You could furnish a complete house in the warehouse for a fraction of the price of what you would pay in a second-hand store.”

People come from all over the world to buy a bargain at this auction, which takes place on Fridays.


He said, “We have made PS6,800 after one of our auctions.”

“Not a terrible night, not bad night.”

Mr Firth can still take home almost PS3,000 even after he has to pay the people who brought in some of his items.

He said, “Perfect today. I made some money today.” On Monday, we will begin all over again.

Profits are divided 50/50 between Mr Firth and the shareholders.

Shaw stated that every Monday there is a new list of houses for us to look at.
We either purchase the furniture or we persuade them not to.

Firth makes sure that his company is successful by catering to all.

He stated, “There’s nothing in this world that we don’t sell.”

If you want to earn a living overseas, it may be necessary to identify a market gap and offer a unique product or service.

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