Earl Spencer’s discovery of a 900-year old shipwreck, which ‘changed Monarchy forever’

He didn’t know that he would be participating in an expedition to find the long-lost remains of the ship.

This year’s breakthrough came with the help of a proton magneticometer, a powerful underwater metal detector.

It was pulled under the research ship of the expedition and scanned the Normandy seafloor for any changes in Earth’s magnetic field.

A 13-foot section of the vessel’s hull was discovered by PS20,000, which had been packed with bronze fittings and iron.

The history of the tragedy at sea is well-known to historians.

Thomas FitzStephen, Thomas filz Estienne (the man who captained the vessel), offered King Henry I to return to England via Barfleur in Normandy.

The King instead suggested that his sons William, and the illegitimate Richard of Lincoln, board the vessel along with a few other nobles of high rank.

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