Lyft General Counsel: Corporate America needs more Lyft Texas’ abortion law is up for debate

Logan Green and John Zimmer, our President and CEO, reached out to us and asked, “What can we do? On Monday, Lyft’s General Counsel Kristin Strechek spoke to CNN’s Poppy Hartlow. “We decided very quickly that we needed to take action.”
Drivers were concerned that the company could sue them under the new law after the company began hearing from them. Texas law bans providers of abortion from performing abortions after a fetal beat is detected. This applies up to six weeks before the due date. It also allows individuals to take civil action against anyone, not just medical providers, who “aids or abets” a restricted abortion, which legal experts say could include rideshare drivers who give a person a ride to an abortion procedure, potentially whether or not the driver knows that is what’s happening.
Sverchek stated that they wanted to stand strongly for a woman’s choice and make their drivers feel comfortable. We didn’t want them to be in an untenable situation where they couldn’t know if their behaviour was acceptable or not.
On Friday, Green, Lyft’s CEO, announced that the company would create a legal defense fund to protect any drivers sued under the law for driving a person who receives an abortion. Soon after, Uber’s CEO Dara Khosrowshahi (UBER), announced that his company would offer similar protections to its drivers.
The rideshare firms are among a shortlist of other companies that have pushed back against the law; they also include Match Group, whose CEO said she would start a fund to help employees access out-of-state abortion care if needed, and GoDaddy, a web hosting service that took down a website that allowed people to post tips about possible Texas abortions.
In the days after the Texas law went into effect, leaders of other Republican-controlled states have already signaled that they may try to introduce similar legislation.
Sverchek stated that Lyft will provide financial assistance to other drivers in states where similar laws are passed. Sverchek also stated that Lyft will give $1 million to Planned Parenthood.
Sverchek urged corporate America to oppose the legislation and stated that Lyft took action even though it knew that some customers would be affected by the law.
She said, “Abortion has a Constitutionally protected rights. So I’m glad to see us taking a voice. I hope that more Corporate America does the same.” However, the government should pass fair legislation, not ban Constitutional rights in an inappropriate manner, as they did here. However, I believe it is important for corporate America to hold government responsible and speak out on critical issues.

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